LSX Accordion Block

Add an accordion text toggle with a title and descriptive text. Includes options to change the font size and an option to toggle the accordion open by default.

Adding an Accordion block to your page

  • Select the Plus sign for adding a new block and search for “LSX Accordion”.
  • Select the LSX Accordion block option.
  • On the right hand side of your edit screen you have your block toolbar.
  • Once the block is selected, you can begin adding your banner image and configuring as desired in this toolbar.

Configuring the block

Let’s go through the options available:

Font Size – Set the font size of your accordion.

Open/Close Toggle – Choose to have the dropdown accordion open or closed by default.

Once configured, save your page and preview your accordion display.

Need help with a different LSX Block?

Need help with a different LSX Block? Find the walkthrough you are looking for from our block documentation homepage.