LSX Testimonials Block

What’s required?

  1. The LSX Theme 
  2. The LSX Testimonial Extension

The LSX Testimonial Block is not a part of the LSX Blocks plugin. This block comes with the LSX Testimonial Extension.

Once you have the Testimonial extension installed on your site and your testimonial setup, use the LSX Testimonial Block to display your testimonial in a feature-rich carousel.

Adding a Testimonial Block to your page

  • Select the Plus sign for adding a new block and search for “LSX Testimonial Block”.
  • Select the LSX Testimonial Block option.
  • On the right hand side of your edit screen you have your block toolbar.
  • Once the block is selected, you can begin adding your banner image and configuring as desired in this toolbar.

Configuring the block

The LSX Testimonial Block works by automatically building a shortcode for you.

Simply choose your display options in the toolbar, and the shortcode will be automatically built for you. This shortcode will then display your testimonial carousel on the live page!

Let’s go through the options available:

Title – Choose a title to display above your testimonial.

Title – Choose a subtitle to display above your testimonial and under the main title.

Columns – Select the number of columns to display the testimonial in.

Display Limit – Select a maximum amount of Testimonial Members to display (leave blank to select all).

Display Excerpt – Choose whether or not to display the excerpt per testimonial.

Specify Testimonial Members by ID – Choose a list of specific testimonial by specifying them by post ID

Role – Select a specific role category to only display testimonial from.

Order By – Order your testimonial in the following ways

  1. Post ID
  2. Name
  3. Date Created
  4. Date Modified
  5. Random
  6. Testimonial Member Menu (the order of your list of testimonial in the menu

Carousel – Choose whether you wish for your posts to display in a static grid or in a carousel slider format.

Show Avatar – Choose whether to display your testimonial avatar images or not.

Show Social Icons – Choose whether or not to display social sharing icons with these testimonial

Example of a testimonial block using the Carousel option:

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