LSX Blog Customizer


To download the LSX Blog Customizer Extension, follow the steps below:

You can also download and install the Blog Customizer extension directly from the backend of your website

  • Login to the backend of your website.
  • Navigate to the “Plugins” dashboard item.
  • Select “Add New” when on the plugins page.
  • Search for “LSX Blog Customizer” in the plugin search bar.
  • Download and activate the plugin.

Configuring your Blog with the Blog Customizer

Once the plugin is activated. Navigate to your customizer and head to the new section labelled “Blog”

Navigating to the Customizer

There are two ways you can navigate to your customizer:

  1. Login to the backend, go to Appearance > Customise
    Click on Blog.

2. From any page on your website, if logged in as Administrator, click Customise in the top WordPress admin bar.

Blog Customiser Options

General – Customise the look & feel of the blog archives and blog post pages.

  • Display date – Display post date in blog archives and blog post pages.
  • Display author – Display post author in blog archives and blog post pages.
  • Display categories – Display post categories in blog archives and blog post pages.
  • Display tags – Display post tags in blog archives and blog post pages.
  • Featured image placeholder – you can set a placeholder image that will be used as the featured image if you one is not set for a single blog post.

Main Blog Page – Customise the look & feel of the main blog page:

  • Description – Add a description that is visible before posts list on blog main archive.
  • Post category carousel – All of your post categories will display here in checkboxes. Once selected they will be added to a carousel above your main blog posts on the archive. Example below:

Archives – Customise the look & feel of the blog archives:

  • Full width – Display blog archives in a full width layout.
  • Excerpt/content – Display excerpt/content on blog archives.
  • Full content – Display full content on blog archives.
  • Front-end layout switcher – Display layout switcher (list X grid) on front-end.
  • Layout – Default layout on blog archives.

Single Posts – Customise the look & feel of the blog post pages:

  • Full width – Give the single blog post pages a full width layout.
  • Display related posts – Display related posts in blog post pages.
  • Display posts navigation – Display posts navigation in blog post pages.

Categories and Tags

It is possible to customise the featured and banner images for blog categories and tags. The featured image for a category is used in the category carousel at the top of the blog archive.

Contact blog category has a featured image assigned.

To set these images go to Posts > Categories. Click the category name to enter edit mode. Then scroll down to see the image options:

When you are finished click Update at the bottom of the screen.