LSX Currencies

The LSX Currencies plugin will allow you to configure currencies in the backend of your WordPress website and enable a currency switcher on the frontend of your website for users to change prices to their preferred currency.

PLEASE NOTE: The LSX Currencies plugin has been designed for the LSX theme, and has not been tested with other WordPress themes.


Installation from WordPress admin dashboard:

  • Log into your WordPress admin panel and go to Plugins > Add new.
  • Enter LSX Currencies into the search field.
  • Click Install Now when you find the plugin
  • Click Activate once the installation is complete

Download from

  • Go to the plugin page –
  • Click the Download button to download the zip file.
  • Log into your WordPress admin dashboard and go to Plugins > Add new.
  • Then click Upload plugin.
  • Choose the zip file and click Install now.
  • After installation is successful click Activate plugin.

PEASE NOTE: LSX Currencies will work with LSX Tour Operator plugin and WooCommerce

Getting Started

You will need to first enter the API key to start using the plugin. You can choose a paid or a free API, this is explained below:

Once you have your API key go to Appearance > Theme Options. Click the API tab, and enter the API key in the Openexchange API field.

If you are using the LSX Tour Operators plugin go to Tour Operator > Settings > API to enter your API key.

Now you can configure the currencies and the frontend currency switcher.

Currency Settings

Go to Appearance > Theme Options. Click the Display tab.

If you are using the LSX Tour Operators plugin the settings are found here – Tour Operator > Settings > General > Currencies.

Here you have the following options:

  • Base currency – this defines the currency that will be displayed on your website.
  • Additional currencies – these will be available in the currency switcher on your website.
    (If you want to display additional currencies you will need to sign up for a paid API on
  • Enable multiple prices – you can enter a specific price for each enabled additional currency. This will bypass the conversion and disable the specific price on you website when that currency is chosen.
  • Enable Convert to Single Currency – This allows the price you enter in the backend to be converted to a single currency on your website. The currency switcher will be disabled if this is checked.

Currency Switcher

The currency switcher display settings are controlled from the WordPress customiser, Appearance > Customise > Currencies.

The following options are available:

  • Display in Menu – Choose which menu should display the currency switch tool.
  • Display Flags – Shows a small country flag in the currency switcher.
  • Flag Position – Left or right of the symbol.
  • Symbol Position – Left or right of the currency denomination.