LSX Customiser

The LSX Customiser and LSX Blog Customiser extensions add the ability to personalise your website more than with the default WordPress Customiser.

Finding the Customiser

There are two ways you can navigate to your customiser:

  1. Login to the backend, go to Appearance > Customise

2. From any page on your website, if logged in as Administrator, click Customise in the top WordPress admin bar.

LSX Customiser Options

When you install and activate the LSX Customiser, the options for colours are extended and the option to customize the WordPress login screen is added.

Only the options that you get with LSX Customiser are covered in this article. For WordPress customiser options read this article.

When installing WooCommerce, The Events Calendar, and LSX Currencies, additional options are added to the Customiser, when you install the LSX Customiser.


The following options are available for setting the colors for all of the elements on your website.

Changing the Color Scheme is a quick way to experiment with different colors on your website.

Once you select the color scheme, you can make individual changes to each element as you wish.

WordPress Login Screen

Customise your WordPress login screen. Settings are as follows:

  1. General Settings

    Upload a logo.
    Your logo should have a minimum width of 200px.
    Link Colour
    Edit the link colours on the login form.
    Link Hover Colour
    Edit the link hover colour on the login form.
    If these settings are not altered then the theme default or customiser colours will apply.
    Use custom CSS to add additional styling.

  2. Login Form Settings

    Form background color
    Form label color
    Button colour
    Button Shadow Colour
    Button Hover Colour
    Button Text Colour

  3. Background Settings

    Background Colour
    Background Image
    Background Repeat – repeats the image horizontally or vertically
    Background Size – set the size either to cover the screen or fill the container

WooCommerce Options

The following options are available in the Customiser when using LSX Theme, WooCommerce and the LSX Customiser. The blue highlighted section comes with LSX Customiser.

LSX Cart Options

Turn on the cart item in the menu and choose from a simple or extended menu item style:

Simple Cart Menu Icon

Extended Cart Menu Icon

Chosse the location of the cart menu item:

  • Main menu (last item)
  • Main menu (last item, right aligned)
  • Top right menu
  • Top left menu

LSX Checkout Options

You can choose what Thank You Page cutomers are redirected to after checkout, and add your own custom HTML to the checkout screen, if you want to add specific instructions or a thank you to your customers.

You can turn on the steps in the checkout process. These steps will display on cart, checkout and payment confirmation pages.

Change the layout of your checkout process. There are two options – Stacked and Columns. See screenshots below for examples of each.

Stacked Checkout

Column Checkout

LSX My Account Options

The following options for My Account:

  • Show the My Account menu item.
  • Choose from extended and simple menu item style.

Extended My Account menu

Simple My Account menu

  • Choose the menu item location:
    • Main menu (last item)
    • Main menu (last item, right aligned)
    • Top right menu
    • Top left menu

The normal WooCommerce options are still available, find out about them here.

The Events Calendar

If you are using The Events Calendar plugin you will have the following options in the LSX Customiser:

  • General
  • Single Event

These are explained below.


  • Accent color
  • Link color

Single Event

  • Event Title Color
  • Details Background Color