LSX Testimonials

PLEASE NOTE: The LSX Testimonials plugin has been designed for the LSX theme, and has not been tested with other WordPress themes.

LSX Testimonials is compatible with LSX ExtensionsWooCommerceThe Events CalendarSensei LMSEnvira GallerySoliloquy and WP Forms.


Installation from WordPress admin dashboard:

  • Log into your WordPress admin panel and go to Plugins > Add new.
  • Enter LSX Testimonials into the search field.
  • Click Install Now when you find the plugin
  • Click Activate once the installation is complete

Download from

  • Go to the plugin page –
  • Click the Download button to download the zip file.
  • Log into your WordPress admin dashboard and go to Plugins > Add new.
  • Then click Upload plugin.
  • Choose the zip file and click Install now.
  • After installation is successful click Activate plugin.

Now add your testimonials and then configure the settings to control how testimonial posts will display.


To configure the display settings, go to Appearance > Theme Options > Display > Testimonials.

  • Disable Single Posts – Check this option if you only want an archive Testimonials page.
  • Placeholder – assign a placeholder image that will be used if no featured image is set for a testimonial.

Adding a New Testimonial

To add a new team member, go to Testimonials > Add New:

  • Add the title for the testimonial in the title field.
  • Set a Featured Image for the team member.
  • Add your content in the post editor.
  • Configure the following banner display options:
  • Enter the Testimonial Details. Checking Featured enables the testimonial to display in the Testimonial widget.
  • This section is also where you can link your testimonial to LSX Projects, LSX Services and LSX Team, if these LSX Extensions are installed.

Display Testimonials with a Shortcode

Once you have added all your Testimonials and configured their content, you can then add these Testimonials  via shortcodes. These shortcodes are configured using the following shortcode options:

Below is an example of a shortcode and what your testimonials will look like on the frontend:

The following options are used to configure the shortcode and control how the testimonials will display on your website.


set the number of columns to display

options: 1, 2, 3, 4

default: 1

eg: [testimonials columns=4]


Choose how the testimonials should be ordered

options: none, ID, name, date, rand (or any of the orderby options accepted by WP Query)

Default: name

eg: [testimonials orderby=rand]


whether to display testimonials in ascending or descending order (based on the orderby parameter)

options: ASC, DESC

default: ASC

eg: [testimonials order=’DESC’]


set the maximum number of testimonials to be returned

eg: [testimonials limit=4]


Specify which testimonials to include by entering a comma seperated list of IDs. (This overrides the order and limit parameters; testimonials will display in the order in which the IDs are entered)

Eg: [testimonials include=’7, 38, 19′]


Set the featured image or Gravatar size to display on each testimonial. Accepts numbers only, exclude the ‘px’.

default: 150

Eg: [testimonials size=200]


Choose whether the images should resize according to the size of the viewport (enabled by default)

default: true

Eg: [testimonials responsive=false]


Choose whether the images should display (enabled by default)

default: true

Eg: [testimonials show_image=false]

  • Combine these options to create the testimonials display you desire. Eg:  [testimonials size=100 show_image=true include=’1, 3, 35′]

Displaying Testimonials using a Widget

  • To add testimonials as a widget go to: Appearance > Widgets to find the LSX Testimonial Widget. You can modify the following settings:
  • Once complete, select “Save & Publish” at the top of your WordPress Customiser Menu.


Template Tag:

The team function can be called directly in your theme templates. It accepts an array of the same parameters used in the shortcode.

eg:<?php if ( class_exists( 'LSX_Team' ) ) { lsx_team( array( 'size' => 150, 'show_social' => false, 'columns' => 3, 'limit' => 6 ) ); }; ?>