The LSX Health plugin supports various shortcodes that display user information and the health plan content you have added. These shortcodes should be placed inside the shortcode block. Therefore, it’s possible to arrange the health plan functionality into flexible layouts as long as you build your pages using the Gutenburg Block editor. 

My Profile Tabs


Displays the overall account tabs:

  • My Plan: Displays the rest of the plan content according to the shortcodes added to the plan page.
  • Account Details: The user can update their profile information and update their stats here.
  • Log out: Clicking on this tab logs the user out

My Profile Block


Displays the user’s profile information:

  • Profile Image
  • Name
  • Their start, current and goal statistics

Account Notices


Displays important account messages or issues.

Featured Tip Block


Brings the featured tips (brings the latest 3 marked featured from all) (this one is a tiny square, so it should be added in a column or something small)

Day Plan Block


Displays each individual day plan, with a checkmark if a user has completed that day.

Custom Parameters:

week_view=”true” – displays the day plans ordered into weekly sections that can be toggeled open or closed

Featured Recipe Block


Displays featured recipes in a slider

Featured Video Block


Displays featured videos in a slider