From the WordPress Dashboard’s menu, click on Tips to see the directory, then click the Add New button at the top. Or hover over Tips to show the sub-menu items and click Add New. Populate the available fields with your recipe content.

The Title

Set a title for the tip. Use a descriptive title that makes it easy to connect to a relevant Day Plan.

The Content

Enter a short sentence or three into the content editor using a WYSIWYG style text editor. Best suited for a simple paragraph of text with basic formatting like bold and italics or underline. Headings and a bulleted list won’t work well here.

Featured Image

Just like setting a featured image for a normal WordPress post, the tip image is displayed alongside the rest of its content on the day plan’s meal plan tab.


Connect the tip to the day plan it applies to. Search for the day plan by typing its title into the field provided, matching day plans will start to show in a drop-down style selector.  Tips can be connected to multiple day plans. to show in a drop-down style selector.