From the WordPress Dashboard’s menu, click on Videos to see the directory, then click the Add New button at the top. Or hover over Videos to show the sub-menu items and click Add New. Populate the available fields with your video content.

The Title

Set the video title. Use a descriptive title that makes it easy to connect to a relevant exercise within a workout. A good approach is to use a title that copies the exercise title verbatim to make connecting the content straightforward. 

The Content

Enter a short sentence or three into the content editor using a WYSIWYG style text editor. Best suited for a simple paragraph of text with basic formatting like bold and italics or underline. Headings and a bulleted list won’t work well here.

Video Details

  • Featured Video: Enable the checkbox to feature this video, featured videos display on any page that has the video shortcode: [lsx_health_plan_featured_videos_block]
  • Youtube Source: Copy and paste the URL for your video from YouTube in this field, i.e: “
  • OR 
  • Giphy Source: Copy and paste the iFrame embed code from Giphy into this field, i.e: <iframe src=”” width=”480″ height=”270″ frameborder=”0″ class=”giphy-embed” allowfullscreen></iframe>