LSX Tour Operator

A plugin developed specially for the tourism and travel industry


  • Destinations post type
  • Tours Post type
  • Accommodation post type
  • Brands
  • Travel styles
  • Itineraries
  • Maps
  • Awesome template design
  • Fully responsive
  • Connect your team
  • Connect your blog
  • Testimonials and reviews
  • Import tours from Wetu
  • Easily manage your content

Technical Info

Version: 1.3 | Released: 2019-06-28
Min PHP Version: 7.0 or higher
Requires: Wordpress 5.1.1 or higher
Compatible up to: WordPress 5.4.2 or higher
Supported multi-lang plugins: Loco Translate, WPML
Supported theme: LSX Theme

Showcase your destinations

A tour operator needs the destinations they offer to look amazing so your customer cannot say no. The Tour Operator plugin makes this a reality. featured images capture attention, excerpts provide a glimpse into the magical world awaiting you. Click through and find out about the finer details.

Link accommodations to destinations, and also create a day-by-day itinerary to entice potential customers.

Show case your tours and import content from your Wetu account

If you use the LSX Wetu Importer you can sync content with your Wetu account to save time duplicating content. The Wetu Importer gives you the freedom to choose what you want to import.

Showcase your accommodation offerings

One of the essential ingredients in any tour is the accommodations that are stayed at along the way. Attach image galleries to each accommodation, Google Maps markers, assign a team member as an expert for each Accommodation, Choose an accommodation style, and much more.

Free Extensions

Extend the LSX Tour Operator plugin


The Tour Operators Reviews extension allows you to add reviews written by your previous guests and display them across your site

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Display special offers with all the essential savings and pricing information. Link special offers to Tours, Accommodation, Destinations or Blog posts.

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The to Team plugin allows you to display your team profiles beautifully on your website. Showcase your team’s personality to your users.

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Get your visitors excited about what they’ll be doing when they travel with you, whether it’s river rafting, whale watching or sand boarding.

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You can also greatly extend your customizing power by making use of the LSX Customizer and LSX Blog Customizer Extensions.

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Allow users to manually switch currency by selecting from a drop down list. Configure the site to display prices in the visitors own currency.

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Take your sites search to the next level with our Search Extension. Set to only search certain content or use to search the whole site!

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Site Customizer

You can also greatly extend your customizing power by making use of the LSX Customizer and LSX Blog Customizer Extensions.

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Blog Customizer

The customizer has a range of options that allow you to make changes throughout your website, and view the changes in real time.

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This extension adds “share this” buttons to your posts, pages & custom post types so you can share your content easily.

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Mega Menus

Create beautiful full-width menu dropdowns that contain dynamic content such as images, icons, videos & menus.

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Wetu Importer

The Wetu importer allows you to import and sync your itineraries, destinations and accommodations from your dashboard.

Choose what info you want to import and pull it directly onto your site. If you are a Wetu user and need to sync your product offerings across multiple platforms, then you need the Wetu Importer and the LSX theme



The LSX Tour Operators plugin turns your website into an online travel guide and lead generator

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