The Company

SARIE is one of the oldest and most popular lifestyle magazines published in South Africa, written in Afrikaans. SARIE BRUID is published once a year and guides the bride-to-be every step of the way, showcasing all that will make her wedding beautiful, special and unique.

The Website

Times have changed and so has the wedding industry. The focus now is on sustainability, local suppliers and affordability. Brides think twice before buying a brand-new dress and opt for simpler flower arrangements and environmentally friendly invitations and confetti.

After being involved in the industry for a decade SARIE BRUID knows weddings are not cheap, planning the perfect reception is not easy and being a business owner even less so! Especially with restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic in place.

SARIE BRUID: (ver)koop my rok & ander dienste presents a unique solution for brides and brides-to-be and is SARIE’s answer to bring our readers into contact with inspiring local suppliers.

This brand-new website offers affordable advertising packages for suppliers, a selection of wedding dresses for brides-to-be, and a chance for newly-weds to sell their dress and recover some of their costs.

YouTube video

Project Solutions

For their Website, SARIE Bruid, we built an Afrikaans language website that enables women and retail stores to post classifieds, selling their wedding dress. Also, businesses that specialise in wedding services can sign up to membership and pitch their services to the women who are looking for a wedding dress.

Wedding Dresses

Women can look for a used or even a brand new wedding dress. A customised search experience allows them to filter dresses by style, size, designer and other characteristics. If they find the perfect fit, the buyer can contact the owner to arrange the purchase and collection offline. It works much like the familiar Gumtree website but dedicated to wedding dresses only.

Wedding Services

The directory also has a customised search experience that makes it simple to find services of every single type that relates to weddings. When someone finds a service provider, they like we make it very easy to contact them through various contact methods.  So the website becomes a one-stop-shop for finding everything related to pulling off the big day, a marriage made in heaven.

Powered by LSX & WooCommerce

eCommerce is powered by WooCommerce, with the official Subscriptions and Memberships add ons. The services directory uses our very own LSX Business Directory. We elected to use WP Adverts for the wedding dresses portion because it fit the project requirement so perfectly. Digital projects in Afrikaans are a big challenge. None of the plugin software has been fully translated to Afrikaans yet, most of them are partially translated; most of the existing translations were unsuited, and we customised them for this project. As with all our projects, we used our LSX Theme.

Working with SARIE BRUID

We loved every aspect of working on this project, from design to development. The team at SARIE Bruid was a joy to work with as well.