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LightSpeed brought luxurious glamping adventures to digital life by successfully launching Glamper’s2go’s first website and positioning the brand for market success. Designed for scalability, this project highlights our ability to meet tight deadlines and deliver vibrant, original, and of course functional digital solutions.


A luxury home away from home

Hailing from the Netherlands, this charming camper van rental offers a luxurious and eco-friendly travel experience. Whether travelling alone, as a couple, family or group these campers are a sustainable gateway to unforgettable escapes into the wild

The Challenges

Turning a vision into a distinct and market-ready online brand

Glamper2Go redefines the camping experience, merging the thrill of exploration with unparalleled comfort. This innovative brand requested a swift, captivating website launch to introduce adventurers to a new realm of glamping deluxe.

The challenge? A clear ambitious goal for a prompt big impact website, compelling to their niche audience and able to rapidly convert interest into confirmed bookings for the approaching holiday season. However, budget and time constraints didn’t allow much room for extensive bells and whistles.

On top, to approach this particular audience of adventurer campers who crave comfort, demanded a high focus in incorporating a well-defined desired tone of voice able to emphasise on both the luxurious and the fun aspects of the Glamper2Go brand.

Glamper2Go was a blank canvas, with potential yet to be shaped, and eager to establish its online brand identity and quickly secure sales. We were set to create a simple but visually stunning and highly functional website; a quick and effective turnaround.

Creating the digital gateway

From a concept to a remarkable digital debut

Our foundation was a responsive, mobile-optimised website, built in our Basic Website Package, displaying a vibrant and playful design that mirrors the brand’s adventurous spirit. With specific focus on accessibility and engagement, LightSpeed’s key features included:

  • Light and Breezy Start: A basic website covering the essential starting points setup to quickly showcase their offers online and secure early bookings. 
  • Simple yet Efficient Design: A user-friendly design, highlighting beautiful camper vans and streamlining the booking process. With WP Bookings we enabled seamless reservation management, along with a simple sharing feature for social media buzz.

  • Design with a Wink: We explored competitive websites, gathering inspiration and analysing their audience’s expectations to ensure the brand’s unique spirit and personality stood out from the crowd. This research defined our design choices
  • Colour Burst: A lively colour palette and cheerful typography to mirror the brand’s adventurous and joyful essence, an inviting picture of excitement and exploration. We designed their logo echoing this sentiment as well.

  • Beyond the Launchpad: We prioritised the website to be a dynamic starting point for Glamper2Go to present their story and attract bookings fast, while leaving room to build upon a scalable foundation for future growth and ultimately take adventure-seekers on the glamping trip of their dreams. 

The results

The luxury and fun blend 

Glamper2Go’s website on time launch showcases LightSpeed’s swift execution and focus on brand vision, delivering a vibrant and functional site in spite of the given limitations. We not only captured Glamper2Go’s luxurious yet playful essence, but also strategically positioned them for the holiday booking rush, providing a solid foundation for their brand’s expansion. While this initial website was a basic launchpad, it’s built with scalability in mind. As Gampler2Go expands, the site can easily adapt and grow alongside them, adding new features and functionalities to cater to their evolving needs.

Designed for scalability, the website is ready to evolve with the brand, ensuring that new features and enhancements can be easily integrated to meet future needs.

This project illustrates more than just a successful website launch; it’s a testament to the agile creation of a digital space that embodies the brand’s spirit and appeals to the luxury glamping market audience. 

Our approach has set Glamper2Go up for success, offering a compelling website that invites travellers to explore the glamping world, a window into deluxe and fun wanderlust experiences, the first stop in the exciting itinerary of luxurious discovery journeys. 

LightSpeed’s quick and strategic solution not only rose to the occasion but exceeded expectations, launching this new brand with a bang and setting the stage for them to thrive in the world of glamping adventures. Luxury can be playful, and Gampler2Go’s website proves it. 

Lessons learned

Agility and identity insights

Achieving a swift, impactful website launch under tight deadlines highlighted the value of thoughtful and strategic feature prioritisation measures, balancing vision with practical constraints. Under the given circumstances, LightSpeed’s commitment to still develop a scalable site for future growth demands demonstrated the necessary foresight for long-term digital success and the responsibility we assume to create and deliver efficient websites.

Furthermore, the project reinforced the importance of deeply identifying a specific audience, ensuring the brand’s essence resonates well with them. These insights collectively illustrate the effectiveness of a client-centric and adaptable strategy in the dynamic field of web development, proved essential for navigating challenges and seizing opportunities in the digital landscape.

Glamper2go’s launch

A visual initial journey 

Witness the vibrant design and functionality that marked Glamper2Go’s successful launch and strategic readiness for expansion in the glamping market.

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