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LightSpeed’s LSX Design theme breathed new life into Wanderlust.Jewelry, transforming through block-based layouts, custom filtering, and intuitive navigation a clunky store into a sleek mobile-first masterpiece.


A booming online boutique

Created to bring to South Africa exquisite, unique pieces of jewelry from across the globe, Wanderlust offers a stunning collection of handcrafted jewelry that you can order directly online.

The Challenges

From clunky to chic Block revolution

The client’s vision was clear: ditch the buggy mess and create a modern, mobile-first online store experience. Design constraints demanded innovative solutions. The old theme, riddled with conflicts and lacking customisation options, stood in the way and both budget and time were tight. We had a fixed upcoming Black Friday deadline highly requested for the new store’s delivery.

Given the lack of budget for dedicated design resources, we were facing the challenge of recreating the new site based on the old look and feel, highlighting the importance of establishing clear style guides for future package deals.

Introducing our block-based powerhouse LSX Design

LightSpeed’s WooCommerce expertise on site

The website was built in our Basic Store Package, along with the transformative power of LightSpeed’s LSX Design theme, and is a shining example of our commitment to pushing the WooCommerce boundaries.

Our LSX Design theme empowered us to rebuild the entire store using page layouts and WooCommerce templates within the familiar WordPress site editor. With our LSX’s existing theme we then redesigned these Woo templates and migrated from classic’s limitations to block-based freedom. This unlocked endless possibilities beyond specific blocks and allowed us to craft layouts that mirror the client’s vision and showcase their exquisite jewellery in all its glory.

For the first time we harnessed product attributes as powerful filtering facets, allowing customers to refine their search with ease. And to cushion the inevitable “no results” blow, we implemented a dedicated no-results template for smooth journey even when the perfect piece isn’t immediately found.

The results

Agility over challenge

We built a discovery platform. We leveraged the existing WooCommerce configuration, saving precious time and ensuring a seamless transition, and with our laser focus on performance we were able to redesign the templates within a single week. 

Gone are the days of rigid, static templates. Our intuitive approach, enabled by the WooCommerce product attribute filter block, transformed the shopping experience functionality across devices.

Wanderlust.jewelry now boasts lightning-fast load times, the Shop page sings with its live refresh filters and keeps the customers engaged and on track to their treasures. And on top, it counts with our mobile-first design ethos built into LSX making the mobile journey just as captivating as the desktop one.

Lessons learned

Design on a budget yet with style

LightSpeed maximised the potential of our LSX Design theme. Through this project we recognised the need for budget-friendly package deals, catering to clients who crave a modern online presence without breaking the bank. Wanderlust.Jewelry’s online store now proves that even with limited resources, a basic style guide established, and clear communication can bridge the gap and deliver stunning results. 

Wanderlust.Jewelry is more than just a case study, it became a testing ground for the latest and greatest in WooCommerce block functionality. Allowing us to identify and troubleshoot issues we resolved bugs and fine-tuned our theme, contributing valuable insights for its subsequent release. The live site was a real-world laboratory, leading for future innovations in LSX and beyond.  

Wanderlust.jewelry shines online

A beautifully laid out and easy going Woo store

A story of collaboration and exceeding expectations, and a testament to our commitment to helping online businesses shine. 

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