“The LightSpeed team is kind, diligent & always ready to assist. We are grateful to have them as part of our extended team, supporting us in maintaining & evolving our WordPress website – which includes the overall health of our WordPress website as well as ongoing optimisation and web page development. We would highly recommend LightSpeed to other companies looking for expert knowledge & support with their WordPress websites.”

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by Jenna Laughton, Marketing Operations Specialist @ xneelo

Thank you to the LightSpeed team for all your work! I am very proud of all the work you have all done to make our new website both modern and engaging!

by Chris Ronneseth, Owner of The Safari Partners


We’ve been keeping a close watch on LightSpeed since they started their Tour Operator project; we were specifically interested in their Wetu integration as we’ve been a long-standing client of Wetu & are using it across the company.
When the time came to re-design GiltedgeAfrica.com, I knew they would be the right people for the job & they have not disappointed us: well organized company, constant communication and amazing detailed work! All around, a great team of professionals!
The result, we’re on phase 1 of a 3/4 phases roll-out, is outstanding which everyone at Giltedge is very proud of.
I would recommend Ashley & his team to any company needing great detailed, and sometimes complex work, done within time & budget.

— Julien Perreard, IT Manager @ Giltedge Travel

Epping Property

LightSpeed initially facilitated the development of our website 7 years ago. They have also hosted our website since inception. Early in 2017 we decided to upgrade our website to a more modern platform. The LightSpeed team assisted Epping Property from start to finish. Their access to specialised people greatly enhanced the entire process, which was actually less traumatic than we had envisaged. The Lightspeed team has always been there to assist us, through every hitch during the last 7 years. No problem was too small for them to attend to or sort out. I have really felt comfortable that LightSpeed have my best interests at heart I feel they are more “partners” of Epping Property than website facilitators.

— Tony Bales, Business Owner @ Epping Property

Nox Rentals

I approached LightSpeed because they were referred to me by Wetu and I also saw some of the great work they had done before.
LightSpeed helped me by designing and developing my travel website from scratch.
The result was outstanding with the final product design matching my brand colour theme, the functionality of the website very user-friendly. I have received many compliments on the website.
One thing I liked was their proactive suggestions on website design and layout and their transparency when it came to pricing. The project was also delivered in a very timely manner.
I found the experience to be a very positive one and I would recommend LightSpeed to people who need website design and development.

— Charlotte Metelerkamp, Head of Sales & Distribution @ Nox Rentals

Elementz Travel

LightSpeed initially facilitated the development of our website 7 years ago. They have also hosted our website since inception. Early in 2017 we decided to upgrade our website to a more modern platform. The LightSpeed team assisted Epping Property from start to finish. Their access to specialised people greatly enhanced the entire process, which was actually less traumatic than we had envisaged. The Lightspeed team has always been there to assist us, through every hitch during the last 7 years. No problem was too small for them to attend to or sort out. I have really felt comfortable that LightSpeed have my best interests at heart I feel they are more “partners” of Epping Property than website facilitators.

— Sandor Weyers, Business Owner @ Elementz Travel


We approached LightSpeed because we needed a WooCommerce plugin to integrate our clients into the PayOn payments platform. From the outset LightSpeed made our selection of a development company easy with their friendliness and assistance with requirements gathering. The result was a plugin that was stable, robust, fast and did not cost us an arm and a leg.
One thing I liked was their agile approach to development which I’m sure led to a better product delivered. Overall I found the experience to be fast, efficient and cost effective. Would do business with them again any day.

— Izak Van Heerden, Business Partner at ACS Altech

Media24 Magazines

We have sold our first dress! . . . and learned so much. SARIE launched SARIE BRUID: (ver)koop my rok & ander dienste to advertise the inspiring wedding suppliers we have in our country and offer them affordable advertising backed by SARIE and all SARIE’s brand extensions. Also, you can sell your wedding dress to an upcoming bride! In turn creating a sustainable, creative and affordable way of thinking of your Big Day – a second love story for that dress just hanging in your closet. Eager to see where this website leads us! Kudos to Annemie Lombard, Elmari de Vos and thank you LightSpeed Development for building!

— Carmen Botma, Events Director @ Media24 Magazines


LightSpeed developed our brochure website some years back, we elected to use our own hosting and we didn’t keep our WordPress installation updated.
The site was infected quite badly and the content was replaced with malicious content. We contacted LightSpeed, who responded quickly and helped clean our site.
Subsequently we moved our website to LightSpeed’s secure hosting to prevent this type of infection from happening in the future.

—Stephan Sliwensky, Consultant @ DocAddress


Woo hoo!!! Couldn’t have done it without you guys! It really is awesome! The old site didn’t rank as high. I think the move to Wordpress/LightSpeed was definitely the right move! Soooo chuffed!
LightSpeed has provided ongoing MailChimp support to us after initially redesigning our website. They have helped with RSS campaigns, newsletter design, regular newsletter support and template changes and have always done their best to solve any queries we have had. I would recommend their services.

— Nina Taaibosch, Project Manager @ Section27

Media24 Magazines

I approached LightSpeed Development because they developed a similar site within our group before and we were satisfied with the job they did previously.
We contacted LightSpeed again to develop a paygated site for Media24’s lifestyle magazine brand Runner’s World. The site needed to host a 12-week weight-loss plan which includes meal and workout plans, shopping lists and user profiles with weekly weight tracking.
LightSpeed Development helped me by giving professional input on how to make the site as user-friendly as possible.
LightSpeed developers are knowledgeable and efficient, always went the extra mile to make sure they produced a final product that we were happy with.
One thing I liked was their Great communication – prompt response to mails and swift action on requests.
I found the experience prompt and professional. LightSpeed became part of our team during the development of this project and they accepted our outcomes and deadlines as their own. Great, knowledgeable and willing developers made for a productive partnership with them.
I would absolutely recommend LightSpeed to people who need custom WordPress development services.

—Yentl Barros, Project Manager @ Media24 Magazines


I approached LightSpeed because we were looking for a multi tasks website. first of all it has to represent our brand and the quality we try to put in our products, second point was more technical as we needed a portal that allow us to move, up grade and ad content anytime with ease and no “extra” fees or costs.
Ashley came in with multiple options and that straight at the first meeting. Knowing that you talk to a team of professionals secure the production delays, quality of the ended work and mostly responsibility
for us.
LightSpeed are definitely unique in the local market, none offer the same and despite the magic of skype or e-mails it is always good to have a physical contact.
In terms of LightSpeed’s approach and delivery, we enjoyed the clear and explicit timing and schedules as costs sheets. We speak the same language and we have never been told that we couldn’t understand the development works (as technicals it might be).
Thanks to a great experience with LightSpeed so far, we’re going to start a second website with them.
A readily recommend LightSpeed to others.

— Alexandre Coffé, Business Owner @ SATravellers

Jembi Health Systems

Jembi has found the services rendered and working relationship with LightSpeed satisfactory and is pleased with the final product; an improved, more functional and better representative website.
LightSpeed was quick to grasp and help us conceptualise a revamped Jembi website, aimed at better communicating the work we undertake, who we are as an organisation, where we work and who we work with. We would definitely recommend LightSpeed services, as we found them to be professional at all times and ready to assist with any challenges, tweaks and raised concerns throughout the process.
The LightSpeed team were well organised and efficient, providing constant feedback and communicating continuously with Jembi’s communications assistant. The WordPress training and material provided to Jembi’s key staff, has been satisfactory and beneficial towards the on-going management of the Jembi website.
With the help and service provided by LightSpeed, Jembi has achieved its’ intended objective of creating a new look and feel, and a more relevant and functional website, which forms a crucial part of the Jembi’s communication strategy.</p>

— Roger Solomons, Project Manager @ Jembi Health Systems

Media24 Magazines

LightSpeed and I recently worked together on the redesign of one my brand’s websites testhouse.fairlady.com. This proved challenging as I had to consult with a number of members on the team and then compile a document which highlighted the look, feel, design and functionality that the team would like from the website. Lightspeed was great during this process, they met with me on several occasions to hash out the document, which admittedly was very basic, included contributions from a few members from my team and was not in any way technical. Ashley and his team were able to understand the requirements my team had listed and then interpret them on a coding level to ensure that all expectations were met. Ashley also kept a particularly keen eye on the design of the website ensuring that it was in line with the magazine’s brand identity. The team was great at keeping us updated throughout the process and talking us through each step, also explaining the implications of each tweak and change and offering alternative, often easier, solutions to our queries.

— Jennifer Searle, Project Manager @ Media24 Magazines


The post-launch feedback from everyone at HOMEMAKERS and our clients is phenomenal, we’re extremely proud of the outcome of this website. The new site is modern and world-class and we believe that it will generate even more quality leads for our exhibitors. From the onset LightSpeed provided us with personable, customer-focused service. Your team was always willing to listen and take on board our needs while at the same time providing practical advice and honest opinion. Your response to any issue or query was always handled swiftly and expertly. LightSpeed is at the top of our list of favourite developers we’ve ever worked with.

—Simoni Crause, Project Manager @ HOMEMAKERS


LightSpeed has been FISA’s IT partner for the last three years. During this period they did not only host the institute’s website, but also developed and enhanced it to suit our changing needs. Their ability to always find solutions for our demands makes them an essential resource to rely on.
We love our Email Template design – it’s a very neat design and fits well with our corporate identity. We regularly send email campaigns to send to our member list. The system in place is very efficient and we have had good feedback from our members on this.
We have ongoing support from LightSpeed when and where needed – support is always available and very efficient. We also received one-on-one training on how to use MailChimp effectively and any additional training we may need is always available.

— Angélique Visser, Chairperson @ Fiduciary Institute of South Africa


Our WordPress site was falling over due to the increase in our traffic. A very capable programming team told us to speak to LightSpeed. Thank Heavens! Within a few days our site was transferred to them and we were running smoothly again, after months of despair.

— Beverly Theobald, CEO @ ShowMe

SA Bike Fan

I just thought I’d take time to let you know that I am incredibly impressed by your teams service. I had an unexpected problem with my website after doing some routine updates at 10:30pm at night. After trying to sort things out myself I emailed you guys at 12:25am. To my surprise, Chris replied and in just under an hour had managed to resolve the issue. I don’t know of a single other web consultancy that has true 24hr support and the level of skill when it comes to the WordPress platform.

— Scott Hayes, Business Owner @ SA Bike Fan

Lufthansa InTouch

LightSpeed is managing the MailChimp account on behalf LH InTouch. The tasks include, RSS campaigns, List segmentation, Integrate WordPress plugin called AutoChimp – it synchronises the WordPress users with the MailChimp subscriber list – and template design. They offer on going support wherever needed.

— Eva Sittig, Head of Global Communications @ Lufthansa InTouch

Cedarberg Africa

The review brought up some interesting points of improvement. It is clear that you took your time to personalize our site review, and I’m excited to make improvements. I appreciate your clear, detailed instructions, and the follow up links in each section for more information are helpful.

— Kate Bergh, CEO of Cedarberg Travel

Runners World

Thank you for absolutely EVERYTHING you’ve done for me and for our brands over the last few years. I have learned SO much from each and every single one of you, and so appreciate all the calls, Skype sessions, one-on-one training sessions and most of all, your unlimited patience with me. LightSpeed is a fantastic company, you guys are all INCREDIBLE humans, and I’ve just loved working with you all.

— Penny Travena, Website Manager @ Runners World


The LightSpeed team never fails to impress me with their passion, geeky interest in their industry, creativity and most importantly, unparalleled customer service. Nothing is too much trouble for Ashley and his team, who are a pleasure to work with.

—Jo Duxbury, Founder of Freelancentral


The Fiduciary Institute of Southern Africa (FISA) has utilized the services of LightSpeed for the past 4 years. At all times, I have found the staff of the company to be highly professional and extremely competent in all their interactions with FISA, and I can highly recommend them to anyone.

—Aaron Roup, Secretariat @ Fiduciary Institute of South Africa

Virtual Assistant

I am thrilled with the work Ashley and his team at LightSpeed put into creating my website. They fully understood what I needed and designed an extremely professional-looking site.

— Sandra Gordon, Business Owner @ Virtual Assistant

Allan Gray Orbis

It has been a refreshing experience working with Lightspeed. They are committed to find solutions that suit our organizational needs. What we appreciate most about them is their innovative approach and commitment to excellence.

— Angela Coetzee, Program Manager @ Allan Gray Orbis

The Ridge Online

LightSpeed developed our site The Ridge Online with input from our side on how we wanted the site to look and how we would communicate with our readers. I found their work to be both creative and clean and tidy.

— Garth Johnstone, Website Manager @ The Ridge Online Magazine

Safari Hotel

Safari Hotels has worked with LightSpeed for a number of years. As a referral to us, we have enjoyed the punctual fashion in which our enquiries have always been dealt with and the very thorough approach taken when executing instructions.

— Melissa Stroh, PR Manager @ Safari Hotels

African Safaris

We contracted LightSpeed for the rebuild of our site. The brief included complex adherence to design, SEO and search functionality. The deadline they set was realistic and unlike previous website builds we’ve experienced; they stuck to it. We definitely intend to work with LightSpeed in the future.

— Vanessa Ratcliffe, Business Partner @ African Safaris

Media24 Magazines

We are happy with the turnaround time on issues reported and the fact that our emails are acknowledged once received. Lightspeed is also always eager to help and will go the extra mile to learn the process & procedures of Media24.

— Rochelle de Beer, Project Manager @ Media24 Magazines