Our security services

Defence and protection that includes updates, monitoring and rapid response.

We provide the following WordPress & WooCommerce Security services:

Security Audit

We perform a complete audit of your website to troubleshoot issues and includes a thorough inspection of your server, files, themes, plugins & database configuration.

Malware Removal

In case your website is hacked or infected with malware, we take immediate measures to remove the root cause and then undertake preventive measures to protect your website in the longer run.

Our Security Process

Fortify your website’s security with our specialized services. Our process includes detailed assessments, effective clean-ups, and vigilant monitoring, ensuring robust protection against online threats.

Initial Security Review

Initial Security Review

This initial assessment enables us to provide feedback on your website’s problem and an approximate time frame for fixing the website.

Website Clean-up

Website Clean-up

We do an initial clean up of your website and “sanitise” it to neutralise any security issue so the immediate problem is dealt with.

Website Assessment

Website Assessment

Once the immediate problem is resolved, we then assess your website’s software and security, performing a managed upgrade of the software on the website.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

We assess the plugins on your website and locate vulnerabilities in their code.



Ongoing security monitoring is available for your website to prevent further attacks, and we provide the option of hosting your website with LightSpeed to reduce chances of recurring issues.

Why LightSpeed?

WordPress and WooCommerce expertise that delivers world-class security services for your website.

Our experience in managing security provides you with the peace of mind from knowing your online business can be fixed when compromised and monitored on a continuous basis. We’re also able to host your WordPress website with our secure hosting to help prevent any future attacks.

Secure Managed WordPress Hosting

Safe and stable managed WordPress hosting that gives you peace of mind.

Our specialised WordPress and WooCommerce managed hosting offers active and passive proactive solutions, automated daily back-ups, monitoring and prompt repair of any breaches.

Free Security Consultation

Our Security Consultations discuss how we can offer complete protection.

It’s imperative your online business is protected and defended from cybercrime and hacks. With our free consultation, we’re able to identify your needs and suggest security fixes and improvements that will sustain your online security and win the trust of your customers.

Frequently Asked Security Questions

Our expertise and knowledge of WordPress and WooCommerce security, at your disposal.

How can I tell if my WordPress website has been compromised?

The following are indications your website has been compromised: 

Unable to login to the Wordpress dashboard
Website does not load
Changes in website appearance
Unknown files and scripts
Various unknown user accounts
Website loading slow
Random code fragments on pages
Google warning that your website may have been hacked

Why was my WordPress website compromised?

WordPress websites are on 24/7 and are internet facing, making them easy targets to be exploited. The most common reasons why WordPress websites can be compromised are:

Not having any protection in place
Insecure hosting
Weak account passwords
Outdated WordPress core, plugins and themes
WordPress core, plugins and themes downloaded from unofficial sources
Outdated web application software
Infected local device

How much does it cost to clean my compromised WordPress website?

This depends largely on the nature of the issue and other factors like the size of the site.

What frustrates many WordPress website owners is that fixing the initial problem doesn’t always stop the issues. Even after getting their websites back up and running properly, many WordPress users that have been hacked find that the problem pops right back up again. This is because hackers often install automated scripts, meaning that they just keep running automatically and will continue to do so until they are actually located and removed.

By identifying and removing or neutralising automated scripts that continue to cause havoc to a compromised website, our team is able to resolve the source issue and help prevent attacks of a similar nature in future.