LightSpeed hosting packages

WordPress & WooCommerce hosting that keeps data secure, while providing optimum performance and stability.

WordPress & WooCommerce hosting

Our WordPress designers can create a customised design template.

Verified theme developers with them & plugins on

managed hosting

Our Hosting service identifies the ideal hosting package for your needs and addresses any issues related to security, page speed and stability during peak traffic periods.

Secure Cloud Hosting (Standard)

R500/month ex VAT*

1 x web space

Unlimited local storage

Unlimited data transfer

Automatic daily backups

Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate

Staging site

*Pay for your hosting yearly and pay a discounted rate R5500 ex VAT*

Secure Cloud Hosting (Premium)

R4000/month ex VAT

10x web spaces

Unlimited local storage

Unlimited data transfer

Automatic daily backups

Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates

Staging sites

Connection: Dedicated 1 Gbit/s-Port

Why host your website with LightSpeed?

Over a decade’s expertise in the managed hosting and optimisation of WordPress sites.

Our expertise in WordPress means we’re able to optimise your website to sustain high loads of traffic while using as few resources as possible. In addition, our managed hosting service includes threat detection and blocking, multiple daily backups, regular WordPress updates, and caching to boost page speeds.

wordpress hosting

Features included with each package

Hosting that provides you with protection, monitoring and optimised performance.

Highly Scalable

Scalable WordPress hosting easily handles large workloads or traffic spikes.

Top-Shelf Hardware

Dedicated bare-metal hardware that runs our cloud hosting platform.

Load Balancing & Failover

Load-balanced software for groups of servers to work in unison.

Modern Hosting Stack

Leverage the latest performance technologies to accelerate WordPress.


Protection that identifies, monitors and blocks malicious traffic.


High Availability

Fully redundant and self-healing architecture provides true high availability.


Dedicated Resources

WordPress instances have their own stack and dedicated infrastructure.



24hr Server and browser full load time performance monitoring.


SSL Acceleration

Benefit from faster load times over https:// with built-in HTTP/3 support.


Spam Protection

By validating commenter IP addresses via local and public spam databases.


Managed Upgrades

WordPress security updates tested and pro-actively applied it to your site.


Automated backups

All backups are encrypted and stored off site for 3 months.


Stage & Deploy

All source code maintained in SVN/GIT before moving to staging or production.

Hosting FAQs

Get the answers to why managed WordPress hosting is ideal for your website.

Why should I use WordPress?

Other than being the world’s most popular website creation platform (powering over 30% of the internet’s websites), WordPress offers a wealth of tools, plugins and themes that make it an incredibly versatile platform for creating any type of website imaginable. From blogs, to online stores, to business websites, to websites about cats, WordPress can do just about anything. And because WordPress is not a proprietary software or platform, the way you build your website at one provider will be the same if you move to another, meaning you don’t need to rebuild your website from scratch.

Why should I choose LightSpeed for hosting my WordPress website?

As verified experts active in the WordPress community, we’ve provided WordPress hosting since 2009.

Which WordPress hosting plan is right for me?

It can be a challenge finding the right WordPress hosting plan, especially if you are new to the world of WordPress. Luckily we only have two choices:

– Secure Cloud Hosting (Standard)
– Secure Cloud Hosting (Premium)

By identifying and removing or neutralising automated scripts that continue to cause havoc to a compromised website, our team is able to resolve the source issue and help prevent attacks of a similar nature in future.

What is managed WordPress hosting?

You may already be familiar with regular shared hosting or dedicated hosting. Managed WordPress hosting works the same way – it’s a form of web hosting specifically optimised for WordPress websites. We will handle the optimisation and maintenance of your hosting, ensuring that your websites run efficiently and securely.

Do I need a managed WordPress hosting service?

Speed: For websites to provide the best user experience and draw and keep customers, page speed is essential. Two second page loads or less are ideal to reduce undesirable bounce rates and boost SEO.
Security: Giving your website’s security top priority helps to safeguard your customers and brand. Important security features like dedicated hosting environments, firewalls, automatic WordPress core updates, daily backups, and data encryption should be available from your managed WordPress host.
Support: When you use a managed WordPress hosting company, you won’t have to worry about the factors that are most crucial to the success of your website: security, scalability, speed, and support.