Expert migration services

Seamlessly transition your website or online store with our expert migration services. We specialize in smooth host-to-host transfers, multisite conversions, and moving content from any CMS to WordPress. Our team expertly handles proprietary eCommerce to WooCommerce migrations and integrates data from various sources. Trust us for efficient, secure, and precision-driven migrations, ensuring your online presence is optimally managed.

Host to Host

Our extensive experience working with major hosting companies means we know their quirks and how best to move your site from their servers.

Multisite Conversions

Got several WordPress sites you want combined into a single easy-to-manage multisite? Or a multisite that you want to break down? We can help.


Though content-rich multi sites are known to run slowly, our expertise in server resource management means your site will run at peak performance.

eCommerce to WooCommerce

We provide a seamless proprietary eCommerce to WooCommerce migration that ensures your online store is set up smoothly and runs efficiently.

CMS to WordPress

We easily move your data from any CMS to WordPress. Our adaptable workflow ensures migration is handled appropriately, with effective training.

Custom Source

Whether your content is in a database (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle etc), a web-based system (via an API), or an exported file, we can import it all.

Multiple Sources

If you’ve got data on multiple different platforms, we are able to combine it all into one WordPress website or a WordPress Multisite network.

Products from CSV, XML or Excel

Whether your products are in a CSV, XML or Excel file, we’ve developed the know-how and the expertise that enables us to import it all without a hitch.

Frequently asked migration questions

We’ve got the experience to answer all your migration queries

Got any more questions you’d like answered?

Why should I migrate to WordPress?

As the world’s most popular website platform, WordPress is widely considered to be the most user-friendly CMS. Because they don’t require extensive coding knowledge for managing content, it’s easy for your marketing department to manage the website and publish new posts and pages, add and resize images, or edit existing content.

Being highly scalable, WordPress features functionality extension that allows you to add new capabilities, including incorporating e-commerce by using WooCommerce, adding a community forum or a social networking application later on.

How much does it cost to migrate my site to WordPress?

With every website being different, costs may vary. This is why only once a website audit has been performed to understand your website’s migration requirements completely can we provide an estimate.

How long does it take to complete the migration?

Migration timeframes are informed by the size of your database, plugins, and extensions. To provide an estimate on how long migration may take, we need to review your website’s status, the number of features and functionalities.

Why should I migrate from Shopify to WooCommerce?

More customizations and flexibility options: WooCommerce provides more flexibility than Shopify, such as the ability to access myriad plugins and being an open-source as well as a self-hosted platform.
Choice of different payment gateway: While you have to use the service of Shopify Payments, WooCommerce enables you to use various payment gateways without any additional fee.
Control pricing: With WooCommerce, you only pay for the functionality you require.

Why should I migrate from Magento to WooCommerce?

User-friendly and customisable: Magento is relatively challenging to operate and in addition, its usability is relatively complex. Managing the platform and customising the store requires experience in programming or a minimum of technical knowledge. This also applies to the Magento dashboard, which may be challenging to grasp for a potential admin.