Why LSX Tour Operator?

Customised industry-leading functionality that puts you on track for success.

With a decade of experience working with the tourism industry, we understand the intricacies of building tour operator websites that showcase destinations, tours and accommodations.

  • Effective Websites: we created our LSX Theme and LSX Tour Operator plugin to help us build more effective tour operator websites.
  • Content Importer: Our Wetu plugin saves you time when building a Tour Operator website, by importing content directly from wetu.com.

What did our client say?

“Thank you to the LightSpeed team for all your work! I am very proud of all the work you have all done to make our new website both modern and engaging!”

Chris Ronneseth
Owner of The Safari Partners

Showcase your tour operator website content with ease

Show off your travel offerings online in style. We create beautiful Tour Operator websites that convert website visitors into new booking enquiries.

Showcase your content:



A tour operator needs the destinations they offer to look amazing so your customer cannot say no. The Tour Operator plugin makes this a reality. Featured images capture attention, excerpts provide a glimpse into the magical world awaiting you. Click through and find out about the finer details. Link accommodations to destinations, and also create a day-by-day itinerary to entice potential customers.



If you use the LSX Wetu Importer you can sync content with your Wetu account to save time duplicating content. The Wetu Importer gives you the freedom to choose what you want to import.



One of the essential ingredients in any tour is the accommodations that are stayed along the way. Attach image galleries to each accommodation, Google Maps markers, assign a team member as an expert for each Accommodation, Choose an accommodation style, and much more.

Additional Content Extensions


The Tour Operators Reviews extension allows you to add reviews written by your previous guests and display them across your site


The to Team plugin allows you to display your team profiles beautifully on your website. Showcase your team’s personality to your users.


Display special offers with all the essential savings and pricing information. Link special offers to Tours, Accommodation, Destinations or Blog posts.

Further Website Features


Take your site’s search to the next level with our Search Extension. Set to only search certain content or use it to search the whole site!

Mega Menu

Create beautiful full-width menu dropdowns that contain dynamic content such as images, icons, videos & menus.

Social Sharing

This extension adds “share this” buttons to your posts, pages & custom post types so you can share your content easily.

Wetu Content Importer Solution

The info you need, where you want it, imported without a hitch.

For Wetu users, this is the game changer that enables you to harness the power of the Wetu database to import content from multiple platforms directly into your site.

Wetu Content Importer Plugin

Importing Made Easy.

Unlock the power of the Wetu database by using our custom content importer to sync and import from multiple platforms. Our Wetu Importer puts the power in your hands to showcase your offerings in ways that help you stand out from your competitors and stay ahead of the game.

Video Testimonial

Watch this video testimonial by Chris Ronneseth on how Wetu helped his business.

Chris told us that he wanted to manage all of his Tourism content within Wetu.com. To achieve these requirements, we customised our Wetu Content Importer plugin extensively to realise Chris’ dreams, even automating the synchronisation of content from Wetu.com to the Safari Partners website.

Designed specifically for the Tour and Travel industry, our freely downloadable Tour Operator plugin converts visitors into bookings. For more, view our video here.

Tour Operator solutions FAQ

Find out how our Tour Operator solutions can help your travel business succeed.

What are the server requirements for running the Tour Operator Plugin?

Your WordPress website needs to be running PHP version 7.0 or higher in order to make use of the Tour Operator Plugin.

How does the Tour Operator Plugin organise my Tour Operator content?

The LSX Tour Operator plugin provides the additional functionality required for a Tour Operator’s website. The addition of post types such as “Tours” and “Accommodations” allow content to be organised.

Is connected content easily accessible to the user? Eg – Info on an accommodation visited in a tour.

Each post type allows you to upload specific content that relates to the other post types. When a prospective client is viewing a destination they wish to travel to, they will also be able to view relevant tour packages and accommodations related to the destination being viewed. The same applies to the viewing of any post under any post type. If viewing a tour, the user will be able to view the accommodations and destinations associated with the tour.