A Team of Awesome

Our entire team works as your team and puts their best efforts to present your brand as innovative, and provide the best digital design that engages your audience quickly. We help you reach your goals while getting maximum returns on investment. Creators of LSX Design theme

Ash Shaw

LightSpeed Team Chief Executive Officer

Ashley founded LightSpeed in 2003. The company changed from computer and network support to a website development company in 2007. His passion for the open source community led him to get involved in organising WordCamp and WordPress Meetup events. As an avid traveller, Ashley has attended WordCamps on 3 continents.

As founder and CEO of the company his time is split between generating or nurturing leads around the world, client consultation and managing his global team of WordPress professionals.

Outside of work, sport and physical exercise play a major role in his life. At 14 he started serious mountain biking and during his teens he earned provincial colours 3 times and won the provincial championships once in 1998. Later in his life he discovered the wonders of long distance running.

Barbara Kerr-Shaw

LightSpeed Team Chief Financial Officer

Barb has 22 years’ experience in the software development industry, with roles ranging from support and account management through to website development project management. She joined LightSpeed in 2010 and became a partner in the company in 2017. 

Barb’s strength is her interpersonal skills, communicating and interacting effectively with our clients and our team members. 

Outside of the online world, she tries to stay fit with cycling, swimming and hiking. She explores her creative side with making clay sculptures and loves a good horror story by Stephen King.

A committed, caring,

and passionate team..

Who bring our whole selves and give it our all every day, but don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Warwick Booth

LightSpeed Team Lead Developer

Warwick joined LightSpeed in 2006 and, over the last 17 years, has become an integral and crucial member of the team. He is involved in all technical decisions and takes care of any backend work where he works mostly with HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and SQL.

When he’s not coding, Warwick is an outdoors person, enjoying the occasional hike but mostly spending time in his garden. He has a deep love of technology and DIY, and works on a couple of personal projects in his spare time. For him, a good beer and great company is always welcome.

Chris Vancoillie

LightSpeed Team Systems Administrator

Chris has been with LightSpeed since 2009 and has honed his skills within the networking, Internet and administration areas of Information Technology. Most of his work has been maintaining the critical server infrastructure and development of our own web application firewall to ensure the websites we host are safeguarded, with seamless operations and minimal outages.

His education comprises of Clinical and Biomedical Engineering through UNISA and Electronics, Computer Systems Engineering and Logic Controllers programming (PLCs) studied at CPUT.

Chris enjoys riding bikes, hiking, camping, mushroom hunting and hanging out with his super awesome partner & their dogs Willow & Ash.

Justin Abrahamse

LightSpeed Team Web Developer & Designer

Justin is a WordPress frontend developer with over 12 years experience. Along with his coding skills, he has built a wealth of knowledge on website conversion optimisation and marketing. He uses best-practices when creating, testing and optimising website landing and forms in order to maximise lead conversion opportunities.

Automated segmentation and qualifying processes to identify top prospects and trigger-based nurture streams by integrating innovative design, interactive elements, video, or back-to-basics text.

Adam Wale

Illustrator, Branding & Web Designer

Adam is an idea actualiser and solutions seeker with over a decade and a half of design experience. His passion and purpose in this life are to create, culminating in thoughtful and innovative design solutions. Adam is on a mission to be your indispensable creative partner, no matter the challenge he is up to the task of bringing your brand to life.

Adam is passionate about golf and football, with a sock tan to prove it. Family comes first and lives by his motto – “There’s no hood like fatherhood”. 

Lourens Visser

LightSpeed Team Support Happiness Engineer

Lourens has been involved in programming, web design, graphic design, and business environment for 2 decades. He loves working with people and solving problems and developing his skills in any given field comes as second nature. He will be managing our developers, handling support requests, and ensuring an agile and efficient workflow in our team.

Sport is his other great love, having competed in all the big sports fields. More recently has been very active in triathlons, adding some Ironman events to his scalp. Rugby remains his big love.