Platandia Jewellery

Project Type:

Platandia’s collaboration with LightSpeed resulted in a sophisticated, user-friendly website, emphasizing class through the LSX Design theme. Strategic catalog mode and advanced search functionalities enhanced the exclusive shopping experience.

The Challenge

Platandia previously had been burnt by many Website Development agencies and approached LightSpeed to assist in creating a credible fast loading website to present their products in a manner that emphasises class & sophistication while remaining simple and user friendly. 

The website needed to provide a seamless shopping experience while also incorporating a catalog mode to encourage inquiries and appointment bookings for a more personalised shopping journey.

The Solution

Planning and Design:

The project commenced with a comprehensive planning phase. Collaborative discussions were held between Platandia’s team and LightSpeed to outline the website’s structure, layout, and design preferences. The LSX Design theme was selected for its modern aesthetics and compatibility with the Block Editor.

Leveraging our cutting-edge capabilities, the LightSpeed team aimed to build a visually captivating and functionally robust Online Catalog for Platandia.

Block Editor Implementation:

Utilizing our newest Block theme, LSX Design we crafted visually appealing templates for various website sections. This approach allowed for a dynamic and flexible layout design. The global JSON file was used to maintain uniform styling elements across different templates, ensuring a cohesive branding experience.

Technical Details:

  • Global Styling: Managed through a JSON file for consistent design across templates.
  • Catalog Mode: Enabled using WooCommerce settings to encourage inquiries and appointment bookings instead of direct online purchasing.
  • Enhanced Search and Filtering: Leveraged WooCommerce Search plugin with Filters to facilitate efficient product search and selection from a diverse inventory.
  • Block Visibility: Mobile specific displays which are hidden on Desktop to control better designs and visuals on mobile. 

Catalog Mode Integration:

To align with Platandia’s business model, the website was configured in catalog mode. This strategic decision encouraged users to inquire about products or book appointments, fostering a personalised interaction. Instead of direct purchases, customers were prompted to engage with the brand, enhancing the sense of exclusivity.

Enhanced Search Functionality:

The LSX Design theme’s compatibility with WooCommerce Search plugin was utilised to optimise product discovery. Advanced filtering options were incorporated to help users easily navigate through the vast jewellery collection, enhancing their ability to find their desired items efficiently.

Outcome and Impact:

The collaborative efforts between Platandia and LightSpeed resulted in a stunning and functional website that exceeded expectations. By utilising the LSX Design theme and Block Editor, the platform achieved a visually captivating presentation while maintaining a consistent brand identity. The strategic implementation of catalog mode fostered a sense of exclusivity and encouraged personalised interactions, aligning with Platandia’s objectives. The incorporation of advanced search and filtering options improved the user experience, enabling customers too effortlessly explore the extensive product range.

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