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ARMD Digital

Achieving what other agencies could not

ARMD Digital partnered with LightSpeed to enhance their online presence and streamline their services for email security. This collaboration resulted in a robust, user-friendly website featuring innovative functionalities and seamless integration, significantly improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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The company

About ARMD Digital

ARMD Digital is a leader in cybersecurity, offering advanced solutions to mitigate digital risks. Their primary services include email security and cyber threat assessments, helping businesses protect their digital assets and comply with regulatory requirements.


Overcoming integration and customisation barriers

ARMD Digital struggled to find a WordPress/WooCommerce service provider who could effectively address their specific needs for integration and customisation. The challenges included:

Integration of various APIs and plugins to enhance functionality

ARMD Digital required seamless integration of multiple APIs and WooCommerce extensions to enhance the functionality of their website. This included connecting with external services like Calendly for scheduling and Mailjet for email communications, as well as ensuring compatibility with existing plugins and security measures.

Complicated customer workflow from quote to checkout

The existing customer workflow needed significant improvements to simplify the user experience from initial contact through to checkout. This involved streamlining processes to reduce friction points, automate routine tasks, and ensure a smooth transition between different stages of the customer journey.

Implement custom “Request a Quote” features

A critical need was the development of a custom “Request a Quote” feature. ARMD Digital wanted a robust system that could handle complex requests, integrate with their sales process, and generate accurate quotes based on user inputs. This feature needed to be intuitive and efficient, providing a seamless experience for potential clients.


Strategic customisation & advanced integrations

We met these challenges by building tailored solutions designed to meet ARMD Digital’s specific requirements. We executed thorough research and rapid prototyping to identify the best APIs and plugins to use for these requirements. Multiple systems were integrated to streamline processes, including the Calendly and Mailjet APIs, ensuring that these systems work harmoniously with WooCommerce and allow for seamless communication and scheduling. Custom functions were developed to manage API interactions, enhancing overall site functionality and user experience.

Simplified customer workflow

To streamline the customer workflow, we leveraged our expertise with WooCommerce to refine the checkout process. The automated processes implemented to handle routine tasks reduced the risk of manual input errors and created an intuitive user interface. These enhancements ensured customers could easily navigate from quote requests through to final checkout, improving user satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Implemented custom “Request a Quote” features

We developed a sophisticated “Request a Quote” feature using Gravity Forms and custom JavaScript functions. Essential user details and product specifications are captured, integrating seamlessly with the backend to generate accurate quotes. The system includes automated follow-ups and quote management tools, enabling ARMD Digital to handle customer communication effectively. Other key features include a dynamic affiliate discount system and PDF invoice generation.

Advanced WooCommerce subscription customisations

WooCommerce classes and compatible plugins were utilised for subscription management, quote requests and order processing. This included configuring the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin for both monthly and annual subscriptions, as well as handling variable subscription products​.

The results

Enhanced functionality & customer experience

The successful integration of various APIs and WooCommerce extensions automated many of ARMD Digital’s processes, reducing manual workload and minimising errors. These integrations created a cohesive system that enhanced overall site performance and reliability.

Streamlined customer workflow

Customers experienced a smoother, more intuitive journey from initial contact to checkout. The streamlined workflow reduced friction points and improved the overall user experience, leading to higher satisfaction rates and increased conversions.

Efficient quote management

The custom “Request a Quote” feature provided ARMD Digital with a powerful tool for managing customer enquiries. This feature not only facilitated accurate and efficient quote generation but also enabled better tracking and follow-up of potential leads, resulting in increased sales and improved customer relationships.


Through strategic customization, advanced integrations, and a focus on bespoke web solutions, LightSpeed’s collaboration with ARMD Digital successfully addressed their unique challenges, enhanced business operations and customer satisfaction, and demonstrated our expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional digital experiences.

What did our client say?

We needed to customise multiple applications to suit our particular business model. Before partnering with LightSpeed, we struggled to find a company who could provide technically strong coding expertise, coupled with the benefits that only years of experience can provide. This impacted our ability to complete our unique product offerings.

LightSpeed developed a solution that included the ability for our partners to select their preferred commission/discount option at sign-up which helped us to minimise manual inputs on the backend. As we’ve only just launched, it’s too soon to tell how the developments will translate but we expect the results will lead to a positive user experience and enhanced operational efficiency.

The team at LightSpeed was always very professional and innovative, and their expertise in coding was invaluable to our project. I highly recommend LightSpeed to any business looking for technical skills that involve custom coding as their developments have managed to translate our concepts into slick, working experiences.

Anthony Rodinis
Marketing Operations Specialist @ ARMD

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