Custom Template Design

Need help with to email like a pro with MailChimp?

Every business needs a clean and professional newsletter template that matches its corporate identity. Let LightSpeed create one for you and also train you how to use the “Email Designer”, putting the control firmly in your hands!

Your colour scheme, header, footer and other design elements will be reflected in your emails to maintain brand consistency. We achieve this by building 100% hand-coded, fully customisable templates (that are always mobile responsive).

Create beautiful, customized email templates with our help. Make new templates from scratch, tweak pre-existing templates, or update old templates for mobile responsiveness.

  • Deliver a seamless experience on any device.
  • Adapt your template for use on any email platform.
  • Create a library of template modules to give you the flexibility to tailor your campaigns to fit any type of content.

Design Services

Improve your email marketing efforts with help from LightSpeed. We look at your brand and goals when crafting an email marketing plan. It should be simple and straightforward and something which you can easily maintain yourself.

Comprehensive Testing

Comprehensive Testing

In more than 40 email clients with an in-depth focus on the top ten, powered by Litmus. We ensure your Mailchimp template design looks and performs beautifully across dozens of email environments and in Mailchimp

MailChimp Editor

MailChimp Editor

Programmed to work with Mailchimp’s Design Inspector allowing anyone to adjust colors, fonts, and more without breaking your custom layout and without having to mess with the code.

Variant Content Structures

Variant Content Structures

Allowing you to switch between any number of content structures (blocks of HTML) within your Mailchimp templates giving you unlimited flexibility when creating campaigns.

Project Planning

Project Planning

Tailored to your package selection. Our project planner and supplements are great tools to help you get the most out of Mailchimp and working with our agency.

Merge Tag Integration

Merge Tag Integration

Of standard and custom merge tags. Merge tags allow you to dynamically add content to your email.

Expert Advice

Expert Advice

And tips from knowledgeable Mailchimp experts.

We have been a Mailchimp Partner since 2015. We are listed on the Mailchimp’s Experts Directory

This directory is an elite community of freelancers and agencies working with the people and businesses using Mailchimp.

We have been a verified WooExpert Partner since 2015 and listed on the WooCommerce Experts directory –

There is no better validation of expertise than being certified as WooExperts.You can trust us to deliver on optimised performance that translates into sales and repeat customers.