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The Safari Partners

Revitalising The Safari Partners’ digital presence

LightSpeed revitalized The Safari Partners’ website with their LSX Theme and Wetu integration, offering a modern, user-friendly interface for an expanded travel portfolio.

The company

Exceptional safari experiences with a commitment to sustainability

The Safari Partners curates exceptional safari vacations, leveraging extensive travel experience across Africa’s famed destinations. Their commitment to sustainability ensures that local communities benefit and natural environments are preserved, offering authentic and responsible travel experiences.

The challenges

Addressing evolving needs and enhancing performance

Since LightSpeed built the first website back in 2015, The Safari Partners expanded its offerings significantly. As their portfolio expanded, so did the complexity and requirements of their website, necessitating a comprehensive update to meet new demands.

Brand identity updates

The global pandemic highlighted the need for an updated website to reflect the current range of tour itineraries and to refresh the brand identity. This required a modern, user-friendly interface that accurately represented The Safari Partners’s growth and commitment to sustainable travel.

Need for better goal conversion

As The Safari Partners’s business evolved, it became crucial to improve the website’s conversion rates. The existing website needed enhancements to guide users more effectively through a wide selection of options, organised by country, region and specific interests. In 2024, the focus shifted to improving conversion rates and integrating the website with advanced tools for better customer relationship management and marketing automation.

Lack of useful data analytics and CRM integration

Another significant challenge was the lack of useful data analytics and the need for capturing more CRM data from various sources. The existing setup did not provide sufficient insights into user behaviour, making it difficult to optimise the site for better performance. Integrating Zoho CRM and Zoho PageSense became essential for tracking user interactions and improving engagement strategies.

The solutions

Strategic enhancements for performance and user engagement

To address the challenges faced by The Safari Partners, LightSpeed implemented a series of strategic solutions aimed at enhancing the website’s performance and user experience. These solutions were designed to modernise the site, improve conversion rates, and provide better data insights through advanced integrations.

2022 Redesign – the start of a long journey

In 2022, LightSpeed initiated a comprehensive redesign of the The Safari Partners website. We utilised the LSX Theme and Tour Operator Plugin to import content from the Wetu Content System using a custom WordPress Tour Importer. The website was optimised for mobile and tablet use, featuring swiping functionalities for viewing tour itineraries. Additionally, the Tour Operator Specials Plugin was implemented to enable easy management of specials and promotions.

2023-2024 Enhancements

In 2023 and 2024, the website underwent further improvements to meet changing needs. This included updating templates for a more visually appealing and user-friendly experience. The integration of the Zoho suite streamlined CRM, marketing automation, and analytics, enabling better tracking of user interactions and enhancing customer engagement. Additionally, data-driven design changes were made based on user behaviour analysis, resulting in improved conversion rates. Performance optimisations, such as faster load times and enhanced CTAs, were implemented to increase engagement and conversions.

Global styling and page layouts

We updated the global styling to implement the Moret font, updated the colour palette, and redesigned button styles. The homepage was revamped to prominently display customer reviews, feature high-quality images of popular tours, and improve live chat functionality with automated replies. Single tour pages and destination pages were reorganised to enhance usability and engagement.

Speed optimisation and analytics

To ensure optimal performance, images were resized, and fonts were optimised. Comprehensive testing was conducted on various devices to ensure usability and performance. Advanced tracking and goal monitoring were integrated using Zoho PageSense and Google Analytics, allowing for detailed analysis and continuous improvement.

Mobile Screenshots

The results

Transformative outcomes and enhanced business performance

The comprehensive redevelopment and subsequent enhancements led to significant improvements across multiple areas of The Safari Partners’ website. These changes resulted in a beautifully redesigned site with improved functionality, better user engagement, and higher conversion rates.

Analytics overview:

  • Top traffic sources: Direct (54%), Organic Search (22%)
  • Device usage: Mobile (32.60%), Desktop (63.60%)

Behaviour insights:

  • Top performing pages: Home Page, Single Tour Pages, Destination Pages
  • Conversion highlights:
    • Inspire wizard: 5.66% conversion rate
    • Single tour viewing: 29.65% traffic conversion
    • Booking initiation: 25.06% conversion rate
    • Booking submission: 1.4% conversion rate with new CTA

Improved user engagement and satisfaction

The redesign and enhancements resulted in a more intuitive and visually appealing website, leading to increased user engagement. The integration of customer reviews, engaging CTAs, and high-quality tour images contributed to a more satisfying user experience. Improved live chat functionality and automated replies further enhanced user interaction and support.

Higher conversion rates and lead generation

The strategic enhancements significantly boosted conversion rates. The new “Request more information” CTA, along with optimised placements and designs, led to a 50% increase in form submissions. Single tour pages saw a notable increase in traffic conversion, while the homepage and destination pages also contributed to higher lead generation.

Advanced analytics and insights

With the integration of Zoho PageSense and Google Analytics, TSP gained valuable insights into user behaviour and site performance. Detailed tracking and goal monitoring enabled continuous optimisation, ensuring that the website remained aligned with user needs and business goals. Increased organic search traffic and higher booking conversion rates from desktop users underscored the success of these enhancements.

Enhanced operational efficiency

The deep integration with the Zoho suite streamlined The Safari Partner’s operations, allowing for better customer relationship management and marketing automation. This integration facilitated more effective communication with potential clients, improved data capture, and provided actionable insights for further optimisation.

Logo & Branding Design

Icon Illustrations


Overall, the partnership with LightSpeed resulted in a modern, efficient, and highly engaging website for The Safari Partners, reinforcing their position as a leading provider of safari vacations and setting the stage for continued growth and success in the travel industry.

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What did our client say?

“Thank you to the LightSpeed team for all your work! I am very proud of all the work you have all done to make our new website both modern and engaging!”

Chris Ronneseth
Owner of The Safari Partners


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