LSX 1.5.0 Released

LSX 1.5.0 Released

LightSpeed Development are proud to announce that version 1.5.0 of our LSX theme is now live on – you can download it here. We’re thrilled that there are currently 400+ active installs of the theme, and there have been many more downloads over the past few months since it was launched on

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 9.08.03 AM

Latest Changes in LSX 1.5.0

With the release of WordPress 4.5.0 came the inclusion of logos for themes, a feature that has long been supported through Jetpack. For those who are still using this functionality through Jetpack and through the WordPress core, LSX now allows for backwards-compatibility with Jetpack site logo.

Updated Development workflow

The way sass files and minification worked used Node and Bower to download packages but we’ve now removed Bower and rely only on packages from Node. documentation has been updated accordingly.

Fixed the Display of the Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs weren’t displaying on archive pages. Had to move breadcrumbs for archive pages that were set to 1 column for them to display properly. If Yoast breadcrumbs are active, it will use those, but if WooCommerce is also installed it will use WoCommerce’s instead.

Images in blog posts

Prior to the release of LSX 1.5.0, it had an issue where images in blog posts would only display at full width, often getting distorted as a result. This has now ben fixed, allowing images to be displayed at any desired size.

Fixed primary menu toggle on mobile

Up until 1.5.0, the toggle icon for displaying the prmiary menu would show even if no primary menu had been assigned. This has been fixed and now the toggle only shows when the primary menu is enabled. We’ve now also included support for third-level dropdowns in the primary menu.

The H2 title in the footer area was causing layout issues and we found ourselves removing it using custom CSS more often that not, so it has now rather been styled to be hidden.

Plugin support

Added in support for the following plugins, with their own stylesheets:

View the gallery below of some of the new stylesheets.

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