LSX theme 2.4 Released

LSX theme 2.4 Released

LSX Theme 2.4.0

Keeping to our traditions, we aspire to keep all our software at the forefront of the latest available tech. With this in mind we bring you LSX 2.4.0.

This update is the product of months of collaboration between our system analysts, designers and developers. 

Through their hard work and ingenuity we have cleaned our theme of any lingering bugs, updated the frontend display for ultimate User Experience and expanded on core functionalities. 

As Gutenberg’s block-based builder has become more accepted (and coveted) by online businesses, we have continued to update our LSX Blocks extension and core LSX theme styles to suite the latest changes that came with the WordPress 5.2.2 release. 

Integration with Events Calendar has been improved, see the new layout:

If you use the LSX theme, or are thinking of doing so, you may also like to know about the latest work done to our LSX extension plugins. 

Release Notes:

  • Fix – Removing the post meta, as it is being added via an action.
  • Dev – Separating the content.php and the related content.php.
  • Dev – Changing the lsx-thumbnail-wide image size to 360×168.
  • Fix – Fixed the issue where Nav menu widgets are missing titles on single events pages.
  • Dev – Updates y styles and structures to match the new LSX BLOG Customizer.
  • Fix – Fix core php issue.
  • Dev – Adding more styling for banners, single, archive pages and search pages.
  • Div – Improving search form styles.
  • Fix – Adding function to show trimmed content if there is no excerpt.

LSX Search v1.2.1

LSX Search is now more powerful and extendable with our URL rewriting feature and new filters. 

Search URL rewriting

The URL rewriting feature allows you to customise your search for all your post types. You can now have an advanced search specific for your custom post types. This will not interfere with your global search, and can be used on your custom archive or singles. 

Search functionality filters (requires development knowledge) 

We have created a number of filters to customise the functionality and layout to your requirements. 

  • Added in a filter for the FacetWP Checkbox, to customize the hierarchy layout.
  • Added in 5 filters for the Top of the Search page.
  • Added in a filter to allow you to add additional classes to the top FacetWP row.
  • Added in a filter to allow you to change the clear button function that runs.
  • Added in 4 filters for the sidebar

These filters give you complete control over the display of your search results and filter bars. Remember our Search plugin integrates with FacetWP!

Improved filters, pagination and labels

Our demo site is running all our latest releases. Feel free to take a look around, or check our our full LSX Theme documentation here

Search results – list view

Release Notes:

  • Fix – Fixed the pretty search permalinks.
  • Dev – Updating templates with prettier links
  • Fix – Spacing styles fixes.
  • Fix – Removing dashes from post type label
  • Dev – Grid layout improvements to match the LSX Blog Customizer new design.

LSX Testimonials v1.1.7

The LSX Testimonials extension has also been a major focus of ours. Upon completion of a major user based review we cleared a number of bugs relating to the testimonial theme options.

We also updated the priority of the scripts loading in the extension for maximum pagespeed when loading a testimonial.

We also included additional functionality to pull through a section of your main testimonial content if the testimonial has no excerpt set.

Release Notes: 

  • Fix – If the excerpt does not have content it will show a trim version of the content as excerpt.
  • Fix – Changing enqueuing scripts priority.
  • Fix – Travis and best practices fixes.

LSX Banners 1.2.1

We brought some new functionality to the LSX Banners extension. These updates were based around our 3rd party integrations, mainly Woocommerce and the Events Calendar Plugin.

Events Calendar Plugin Updates

  1. Moved the Start and End date to the banner tagline for The Events Calendar
  2. Added in an options to allow the use the The Events Calendar generated title in the post type archive and single banner.
  3. Added in a theme option to allow enabling banners on the events page.

Woocommerce Updates

  1. Removed the restriction on the WooCommerce pages, allowing for banners to be added. 

Release Notes:

  • Fix – Fixed the post type archive titles
  • Fix – Fixed the taxonomy admin class.
  • Dev – Blog improvements to match new structure for the LSX Blog Customizer.

LSX Customiser 1.3.1

The LSX Customiser is perfect for those looking to style their LSX powered website without touching any styling code. The latest update of this extension adds a range of new features:

  1. Added options for styling the log in page. 
  2. Logo control options.
  3. Options added for adjusting the box-shadow of buttons and bordered elements. 
  4. Fixed bug issues with the Thank you page redirection. 

Control over the WordPress login screen is available in the Customiser now. Logos, background and form control is all possible.

All in all, the customiser extension now provides enhanced functionality for all your site styling requirements.

Release Notes:

  • Dev – Added in Repeat option for background in login screen options
  • Fix – Set background size to initial[None] as default

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