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ATI Holidays

LightSpeed revamped ATI Holidays’ website within budget, leveraging LSX Theme and Tour Operator plugin for streamlined content management, Wetu integration, and custom mega menus.

The Challenge

The client’s need was to update their longstanding website with all the features they need to be able to showcase the company’s tour itinerary product offerings. With a focus on the homepage and About pages, along with a refresh of their existing logo, the aim was to make it more web friendly and current. With the post-pandemic trading environment being challenging, this meant that the client required website development on a budget. 

The Solution

Providing the ideal framework for the client’s requirement, bootstrapping was supported by our own LSX Tour Operator and LSX Theme, with these powering destinations, tours and accommodation templates. These templates provide a great starting point as they enable the customisation of look and feel of further pages in later phases. Providing additional functionality, our Reviews, Team and Search extensions enabled the client’s site to provide users with deeper insights, and our Currencies and Sharing plugins added value to the user experience. Using our Mega Menus extension enabled custom mega menu design and development to meet their specific needs, and being a Wetu client meant that we were able to use our Wetu Importer to import their Tour and Accommodation content from their Wetu account, giving them access to a rich amount of content and imagery. We built a booking form to aid them in capturing their clients’ and additional travellers’ details. We did 1-on-1 training sessions to teach the client how to manage all aspects of their new site.

Client Testimonial

“We really enjoyed working with LightSpeed when they designed our last website around 2015, so when we needed to update our site and the branding, they were our first choice. We needed a Tour Operator website that integrated with to facilitate easy tour itinerary imports and overall content management. After Covid we didn’t have a huge budget to play with, but LightSpeed were honest and flexible with regards to what they could offer us and what features we could choose to leave out without compromising the site. LightSpeed trained us on how to import from Wetu and edit any content throughout the website, they were extremely patient throughout the training process, and we found it easy to grasp the systems even though we have very little web design or coding experience! The result was just what we needed, a logo update to bring our brand into 2023 and a new website that we are able to fully manage ourselves. I found the experience working with the LightSpeed team really enjoyable, they were friendly, accommodating and always ready to assist. I would recommend their services to any Tour Operator company, especially if they use”

Charlotte Bond
Financial Director
ATI Holidays

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