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LightSpeed’s redevelopment of xneelo’s website involved streamlining code and creating a custom WordPress theme, resulting in enhanced performance and a strong collaborative partnership.

The Challenge

LightSpeed first started working with the company in 2020 on the development of their website using existing design; at the time the website was focused on performance and underlying code. When the company wanted their website redeveloped the same look and feel was retained, but code was streamlined and a completely custom WordPress theme applied. 

While LightSpeed redeveloped the website, the internal xneelo design team redesigned every page. Their latest designs were recently launched and were an excellent improvement from a design perspective. With a requirement for a more streamlined website that could deliver on improved performance and load time, and the company’s old WordPress website consisting of a multisite, a full redevelopment was necessary. In order to efficiently and effectively engage the company on the changes necessary, the LightSpeed team collaborated on tasks using Asana.com, used Google Meet for online discussions and used Slack for day-to-day chats and ad hoc updates. 

The Solution

Using collaborative online tools such as Github, Asana, Google Meet, Slack, and Figma, a custom theme using Underscores was developed as a starter theme. The xneelo WordPress multisite was migrated to three single WordPress installations, with our team integrating the material design icons and styles and optimising images, JS and CSS, while using Cloudflare. The result immediately improved performance and load time.

A more recent update was performed in which the xneelo design team redesigned the website, and which saw all templates redesigned to incorporate repeatable WordPress blocks. This strategy enables the company to use the blocks on an ongoing basis, thus eliminating the need for major development. In the process, updates were made to plugins and the WP version (to 5.9.3, the latest at the time). In addition, old and unused code was removed from the themes and a carousel slider was also added. LightSpeed enjoy an excellent working relationship with xneelo, recently assisting the company by installing Nielo A/B testing to allow them to run AB tests on their campaigns – and are in the process of helping to set up their Google Optimize account to run advanced A/B testing.

Client Testimonial

“The LightSpeed team is kind, diligent & always ready to assist. We are grateful to have them as part of our extended team, supporting us in maintaining & evolving our WordPress website – which includes the overall health of our WordPress website as well as ongoing optimisation and webpage development. We would highly recommend LightSpeed to other companies looking for expert knowledge & support with their WordPress websites.”

Jenna Laughton,
Marketing Operations Specialist @ xneelo

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