LSXD 1.2 Release Notes

Explore LSX Design 1.2.0’s release, a major leap in WordPress site editing, enhancing accessibility, mobile responsiveness, and WooCommerce integration for creative website creation.

We’re excited to present the latest iteration of our LSX Design theme, version 1.2.0. This update heralds significant advancements, blending innovative features with enhanced functionality to transform the user experience in website creation. Ash Shaw, CEO of LightSpeed, articulates our pride in this release, emphasising its role in our continuous pursuit of design excellence and innovation.

LSXD site design updates

The release of LSX Design 1.2 marks a pivotal step in maximising the capabilities of the latest WordPress site editor. Seamlessly integrated with WordPress 6.4 block capabilities, this update offers unprecedented flexibility and user experience in web design. We’ve meticulously ensured compatibility with every WordPress block, enhancing the design process and elevating the Site Editor experience, enabling users to effortlessly realise their creative visions.


At the core of LSX Design 1.2 lies our deep-rooted commitment to accessibility. This update introduces an accessible colour scheme, thoroughly vetted for functionality and visual appeal, particularly for users with visual impairments. We’ve also prioritised navigational clarity, especially in link design, to ensure our user interface is accessible to all, truly embodying our ethos of inclusive and empathetic web design.

Mobile usability improvements

LSX Design 1.2 takes significant strides in mobile responsiveness. We’ve extensively restructured the header and footer for optimal display on mobile devices, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience. This includes a comprehensive overhaul of templates to ensure consistent, fluid display, solidifying our commitment to a responsive web experience that meets modern user demands for flexibility and accessibility.

Template part improvements

This update significantly enhances various template parts, like the default Footer theme, now featuring an accessible colour layout, and extends these improvements to LSX Sharing, Yoast Breadcrumbs, Woo Distraction-Free Header, and Post Meta. These refinements ensure a seamless and accessible experience across the website.

Patterns and templates

Our latest update has brought substantial enhancements to patterns and templates, focusing on design quality, accessibility, and mobile compatibility. The Blog Templates, in particular, have been redesigned to emphasise visuals, ensuring a captivating and engaging user experience.

Woo store design support

We’ve greatly improved our compatibility with WooCommerce 8.4, focusing on advanced store editing features. This includes the integration of Block-Specific Assets for enhanced performance and the introduction of the Product Collection Block, elevating the e-commerce experience.

Product archives using Product Collection Block

The introduction of the “Woo Product Collection Block” has revolutionised the display of product archives, offering responsive design features and various layout options, thereby enhancing the shopping experience on our platform.

Product Search Results Block template update

The Product Search Results template has undergone significant improvements, now featuring dynamic display options and WooCommerce Product filters for a refined shopping experience.

Cart and Checkout

We’ve fully integrated support for the new Cart and Checkout block templates, aligning with the latest WooCommerce standards. This includes maintaining support for classic templates, ensuring flexibility and broad compatibility.

Retain classic template support

We continue to support classic templates, understanding the importance of compatibility with various WooCommerce extensions that are yet to support new block templates.

Third party plugin support

Our latest update includes enhanced support for third-party plugins like The Events Calendar, Sensei Courses, Gravity Forms, and Yoast SEO, ensuring seamless integration and improved user experience.

The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar plugin has seen a complete redesign, enhancing its integration with LSX Design 1.2. This includes a strategic shift in CSS management, optimising loading efficiency and responsiveness.


The release of LSX Design 1.2.0 is a significant milestone for us at LightSpeed, embodying our commitment to innovation, accessibility, and user-centric design. This update not only elevates the aesthetic and functional aspects of website creation but also sets a new benchmark in the realm of WordPress themes. We look forward to seeing the creative ways our users will utilise these advancements, and we remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in web design.

Check out the full release on GitHub

For more information about LSX Design and to experience the latest version, visit the LSX Design product website.

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Make the leap to excellence with LSXD




  • Added WordPress 6.4.2 compatibility
  • Added new Block Styles for Heading and Paragraph blocks #75, #76
  • Added new template parts for LSX Sharing, Yoast Breadcrumbs, Post Meta and Woo Distraction Free Header #71
  • WooCommerce – Added support for Woo’s new store editing capabilities & support for all Woo blocks #70
  • The Events Calendar Plugin – Block Compatibility #52, #78, #79
  • Sensei LMS Plugin – Block Compatibility #45
  • Added an underline to text links to improve accessibility


  • Updated colour scheme to be use an accessible colour palette
  • Updated buttons, menus and links to use accessible colours
  • Updated WordPress & Woo blocks, patterns, template parts and templates to use new accessible colour palette
  • Updated block groups with a consistent structure to ensure better mobile compatibility out the box
  • Updated Header mobile responsiveness #53, #55
  • Improved mobile menu usability, focused on placement and functionality #47, #66
  • Updated blog index, blog category archives, blog tag archives, blog author archives & blog single templates #81
  • Updated Search Results block template #81
  • Updated 404, No Title & Pages block templates #81
  • Updated Gravity Forms default styles #56


  • Unused Heading & paragraph block styles removed
  • Child theme – Remove theme attribute from Parent wp:template-part tags #54 #63


  • Fixed Site Editor Bugs #65, #81
  • Fixed Footer padding issues on Desktop and Mobile #69
  • LSX Sharing compatibility



  • Added Woo 8.4 compatibility
  • Added Woo Distraction Free Header #83
  • Added block specific assets & stylesheets for Woo Blocks #68
  • Added Order Confirmation Block Template #61, #64
  • Added Block Templates for the new Cart & Checkout Block default experience
  • Added “No Results” message to the Product Search Results block template #29


  • Updated Single Product Block Template
  • All product archives now use the Product Collection Block #60, #70
  • Updated Product Search Results Block Template #67
  • Updated Product Catalogue Archive Block Template
  • Updated Product Category Archive Block Template
  • Updated Product Tag Archive Block Template
  • Updated Product Attributes Archive Block Template


  • Fixed issues with the Site Editor and Woo Blocks #73, #74