Redesigning our website with LSX Design 1.2

Explore LightSpeed’s 2023 transformation, redesigning our website with the innovative LSXD 1.2 theme, a journey of digital innovation and enhanced accessibility.

In November 2022, LightSpeed embarked on an ambitious project to revamp our website. Our goal was to transition from our LSX classic theme to a cutting-edge, future-focused interface using WordPress’s Full Site Editor. This significant redesign, the first since 2014, represented a pivotal moment in our company’s evolution, symbolising a step towards embracing modern web technologies and trends.

The origin of change

Our journey into this new digital era began with a revelation at WordCamp Europe, where we were introduced to the potential of block themes. This encounter led us to choose the Frost WP theme, renowned for its innovative approach in the block theme domain. Although still in its beta phase, Frost WP was instrumental in shaping our understanding of the Full Site Editor’s capabilities, thanks to its effective naming conventions and practical colour schemes and layouts.

Training and implementation

Adam Wale, our in-house designer, was at the forefront of the redesign process. He adeptly upskilled himself in the block editor, meticulously transforming our initial hand-drawn sketches into a fully functional digital format. The website’s relaunch in February 2023 unveiled a fresh, evolving design. Concurrently, team members Adam and Ash ventured into learning Figma, building a comprehensive design system for LSX Design. Additionally, Warwick and Justin collaborated with Frank Klein, a seasoned WordPress block developer, to master block and theme coding, enhancing our capabilities in this new domain.

Putting LSX Design 1.2 to the test

6 months after the launch of the LSX Design theme, we were ready to implement it on our new company site. This decision stemmed from insights gained at WordCamp Europe, particularly the emphasis on an accessible colour scheme. Armed with knowledge from a A11Y Collective’s accessibility courses, we undertook the task of redefining our colour palette, ensuring our design met international accessibility standards.

The transformation

The adoption of LSX Design 1.2 marked a turning point i. We systematically removed custom settings, reverting to the theme’s default values. This process not only gave the website a lighter, more accessible feel but also brought our design into alignment with current accessibility practices. The revised colour scheme, encompassing a range of shades from primary to CTA hues, played a crucial role in unifying the site’s appearance and enhancing its inclusive appeal.


For the homepage, our vision extended beyond informational content; we aimed to create a visually striking and impactful first impression. The introduction of the LSXD transparent header was a key decision, adding a layer of sophistication and making a strong visual statement about LightSpeed’s identity and values. This redesign went beyond cosmetic changes, encapsulating our commitment to innovation and user-centric design.

Details block

In 2023, WordPress introduced the details block, a pivotal feature for tackling the common issue of content overload. This feature was particularly beneficial for our site,, which struggled with lengthy, overwhelming content. By incorporating these details blocks, we significantly reduced page lengths without compromising on information, enhancing user engagement. Furthermore, we created dedicated pages for in-depth topics, streamlining our main pages and providing focused content for interested users.


Our dedication to accessibility was a major driver in the redesign process. The development and implementation of a new, accessible colour scheme for LSX 1.2 were critical steps in this direction. By applying these colours on our LSDev website, we were able to test and refine the palette, ensuring optimal contrast and readability. The design of accessible links was another focus area, enhancing ease of navigation for all users and aligning with our ethos of creating inclusive digital solutions.

Blog templates

We undertook significant enhancements in our blog and portfolio templates, aiming to improve user engagement and visual appeal. The blog index now emphasises imagery, drawing visitors into the content, while our archives link content to services and solutions, creating a seamless user journey. Each blog post features a strategically placed Call to Action, fostering reader engagement and guiding them towards our services.

Recognizing the diverse needs of our users, we focused on making our website’s header and footer more accessible and responsive, especially for tablet and mobile users. Adjustments in layout and navigation menus were made, considering both the aesthetic appeal and functional ease for users across different devices. This overhaul extended to ensuring that our buttons and links met accessibility standards, reinforcing our commitment to an inclusive user experience.

Redesign Outcomes

Our redesign was guided by clear objectives: transitioning to the LSX Design theme for a modern look, enhancing mobile responsiveness, prioritising accessibility, optimising load times, and boosting free consultation conversions. This strategic approach was aimed at not just meeting but exceeding user expectations and supporting our business goals.

The power of global settings

Delving deeper into the Full Site Editor’s capabilities, we harnessed global settings to unify and streamline our site’s design. This approach allowed for consistent styling across the website, making it easier to maintain and update while ensuring a cohesive look and feel.

Setting new goals with Google Analytics 4

The redesign was also an opportunity to refine our approach to analytics. We leveraged Google Analytics 4 to set new goals, mapping out various user journeys from social media to direct website visits. This enabled us to better understand and cater to our audience, focusing on driving free consultation inquiries and enhancing user engagement.

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The journey with LSX Design 1.2 has been a significant chapter in LightSpeed’s ongoing story of innovation and accessibility. This comprehensive redesign has allowed us to not only update our website’s visual appeal but also streamline content management and user experience, signifying our readiness to adapt and lead in the evolving digital landscape.