Case Study

Fiduciary Institute of Southern Africa

FISA website redesign success story

A transformative redesign of the FISA website, enhancing user experience and functionality, integrating WooCommerce, and utilising AI for content optimization.

The company

About FISA

FISA is a non-profit organisation with individual fiduciary practitioner members. It sets high minimum standards for the profession and provides consumer information and education on fiduciary matters.

The challenges

Key website issues identified

The website faced challenges due to outdated technology, as the classic editor and theme couldn’t handle the large amount of content and required significant updates. Additionally, the site had a mixed audience, catering to both FISA members with specific functionalities and the public seeking information and member details. Presenting complex content, such as governance, legal, and financial information, in a clear and user-friendly manner was a challenge. The transition from a classic editor to a WordPress block editor posed difficulties in content layout and migration. Furthermore, integrating various plugins and designing the blog and resources pages added complexity to the project.

The solutions

Strategic redesign and content integration

LightSpeed undertook an extensive redesign, focusing on user-friendly navigation and a modern, responsive layout. Key solutions included:

WordPress block editor and LSX design theme

We migrated to the WordPress block editor and LSX design theme, which improved flexibility, responsiveness and content management. We enhanced the member profile and directory functionality, allowing for improved member sign-ups, profile updates, CPD points capture along with a searchable directory.

Enhanced content presentation

We leveraged block functionalities to enhance content presentation, PDFs, and other resources more effectively. The navigation was simplified with a streamlined menu structure and dedicated landing pages for key areas such as regional meeting presentations and annual conferences. Service and Resource pages have a more attractive and functional layout, including CTAs and embedded PDFs. The events calendar and job portal were also redesigned to present event listings, single events, and industry job adverts in a modern and user-friendly layout.

Improved site search

The site search experience was improved with the implementation of the FacetWP plugin, providing precise and user-friendly search results.

AI content generation

We utilised AI-enhanced content generation with ChatGPT for FAQ generation and content optimisation.

The results

Enhanced user experience and engagement

The redesigned FISA website now offers an intuitive user experience, with improved navigation, accessibility and search. The integration of AI for content generation and the streamlined process for member services have significantly enhanced the site’s functionality.

To quote feedback recent received from a FISA member: “The site looks “hip-and-happening” AND its very user friendly! Thank you for all you do behind the scenes, to enable us as fiduciary practitioners to do a better job!”

Key outcomes

The improved usability and functionality of the website resulted in increased user engagement, with more active members and public interaction. The clearer organisation and presentation of key information enhanced content accessibility, making it easier for both FISA members and the general public to find what they need.

The updated design modernised FISA’s corporate identity, aligning it with their professional image and providing a better user experience. Additionally, the block-based development of the platform future-proofed it, enabling easier future updates and customisations.

This project demonstrated LightSpeed’s capability to integrate complex WordPress plugins and transition to a block-based content system seamlessly, ensuring a balanced approach between technical excellence and aesthetic appeal.

What did our client say?

The Fiduciary Institute of Southern Africa (FISA) has utilised the services of LightSpeed since 2009. At all times, I have found the staff of the company to be highly professional and extremely competent in all their interactions with FISA, and I can highly recommend them to anyone.”

Aaron Roup
Secretariat @ Fiduciary Institute of Southern Africa

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