Case Study

Six Cats Club

Secure, private cannabis club website

Six Cats Club, a private Cape Town cannabis club, needed a secure, member-only website for discreet ordering and efficient deliveries. Using WooCommerce, LSX Design Block theme, and automated workflows, they achieved a user-friendly, secure platform, ensuring privacy, streamlined operations, and enhanced member engagement.

The company

About Six Cats

Six Cats Club is a Cape Town-based private cannabis club, cultivating craft cannabis organically. The club focuses on sustainable farming and ethical practices, offering high-quality cannabis products to its registered members.

The challenges

Secure member-only site

The Six Cats Club wanted a secure, private website where only registered members could access content and place orders. The challenge was to ensure that the site is discreet and secure, protecting user privacy and data. Additionally, a seamless registration and approval process was required to manage memberships effectively.

Efficient order and delivery system

Integrating a robust e-commerce system was essential for Six Cats Club, facilitating easy product ordering, payment and delivery processes. This included managing manual solutions for deliveries outside the immediate Cape Town area, using courier services when necessary, and ensuring same-day or next-day delivery based on location.

Keeping users informed

Ensuring that users understood how to navigate the website and use its features was a significant challenge. The club required a user-friendly interface with comprehensive FAQs and an engaging system to keep members informed and satisfied. Additionally, managing user expectations and providing detailed product information were crucial for enhancing the user experience.

Regular updates and content control

The club needed a system that allowed for regular updates of products, deals, and other content without disrupting the user experience. This included managing seasonal product variations, updating content with new strains, and ensuring that the site remained visually appealing and informative.

The solutions

Custom design, tailored theme and branding

The LSX Design Block theme was used to allow for a tailored and evolving design. The theme provides a visually appealing and functional interface, enhancing user experience. The website’s design includes a hero section highlighting key information, intuitive navigation, and comprehensive product listings. This ensures that the club’s unique branding is showcased effectively.

Automated processes

Automate Woo was configured for various automated workflows, including referral bonuses, birthday vouchers, and order confirmations. These automated processes improve user interaction and engagement without the need for manual intervention. Users receive personalised messages and rewards based on their activity, enhancing their overall experience.

Improved functionality

Utilised various WooCommerce extensions to enhance functionality, including:

  • WooCommerce Points and Rewards: Rewarded customers for purchases and other actions with points redeemable for discounts.
  • WooCommerce Bundles: Created product bundles, such as Netflix and Chill, with variations for different user preferences.
  • WooCommerce Tab Manager: Enabled custom tabs for product details, providing comprehensive information for each strain.
  • WooCommerce Stock Management: Used bulk stock management for easy inventory control.

WooCommerce memberships for private access control

WooCommerce Memberships was implemented to lock access down to registered users only. This ensures that all interactions and data are kept private and secure. Once approved, users log in to access the full site, including product listings and ordering options. The registration process was streamlined using Gravity Forms, allowing for efficient user management.

AutomateWoo add-ons for enhanced customer experience 

Leveraged AutomateWoo and its add-ons to automate and enhance customer interactions:

  • AutomateWoo Birthdays: This add-on sends personalised birthday emails and vouchers to customers, adding a personal touch and improving customer loyalty. Birthday messages are automated, ensuring timely delivery without manual intervention.
  • AutomateWoo Refer A Friend: This enables club customers to refer their friends via unique links or coupons. The system rewards both the referrer and the referred friend, boosting organic sales through word-of-mouth marketing. The add-on includes fraud prevention measures and integrates seamlessly with AutomateWoo workflows.

Advanced tracking providing user behaviour insights 

Integrated Jetpack, Site Kit by Google, and Microsoft Clarity for tracking user interactions and statistics. This allowed for detailed insights into user behaviour, helping to optimise the website and improve user experience. The tracking tools provided valuable data on user journeys, popular products, and overall site performance.

The results

Secure membership & discreet ordering

Successfully created a secure environment for members, ensuring all interactions were private. The website’s structure and functionality aligned with the club’s discrete nature. The private access control through WooCommerce Memberships provided a safe and exclusive experience for registered users.

Streamlined operations & efficient e-commerce solutions 

Streamlined the ordering and delivery processes with WooCommerce, handling manual delivery solutions efficiently. This ensured timely deliveries and simplified user interactions with the site. The integration of various WooCommerce extensions enhanced functionality, making the ordering process seamless and efficient.

Enhanced engagement & improved user satisfaction 

Increased user satisfaction and engagement through automated workflows and personalised user experiences. The intuitive design and comprehensive FAQs helped users navigate the site effortlessly. Automated processes, such as referral bonuses and birthday vouchers, added a personal touch that delighted users.

Dynamic content 

The website’s content is regularly updated to reflect new products, deals, and seasonal variations. This dynamic content management ensures that the site remains relevant and engaging for users. The use of advanced tracking tools provides valuable insights into user behaviour, allowing for continuous optimisation.


The Six Cats Club website is a showcase of innovation and has served as a test ground for validating new releases of the LSX Design Block theme and WooCommerce functionality. It showcases the potential of WooCommerce store customisation and the innovative use of WordPress blocks, making it a prime example of LightSpeed’s design and development capabilities.


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