Pets of LightSpeed

Meet the beloved pets of LightSpeed’s team, featuring Ashley and Barbara’s six rescue cats, Garth’s quirky feline duo, and the adorable companions of Chris, Deon, Virginia, and Jacques.

The LightSpeed team are a remote team, which means we all get to enjoy working in an environment with our pets.  We’ve compiled a get-to-know the pets of LightSpeed article.

Ashley Shaw and Barbara Kerr – Owners

Timmy, Lucy, Moe, Butters, Jimmy and Lisa

The LightSpeed office maintains a high proportion of feline to human occupants, Ashley and Barbara have six rescue cats that rule their roost and the office!

Garth Glaum – Project Manager

Oliver and Tom
Oliver and Tom

These two gorgeous cats have the quirkiest personalities. Both were rescue cats, who have bonded well with each other. They could be brothers now.

The rest of the team’s furry friends…

Chris Vancoillie – Systems Engineer

Ash and Willow

Deon Schreiber – Lead Designer


Virginia Garcia – WordPress Developer


Jacques van der Horst – WordPress Developer