LightSpeed Team Retreat 2018

In June 2018, the LightSpeed team held a retreat in Misty Cliffs to strategize for the year ahead and strengthen team bonds, resulting in renewed energy and heightened productivity.

LightSpeed have spent the first part of 2018 working hard on securing new business, and also cementing the excellent relationships that we have with our existing clients. We feel extremely positive about how 2018 has progressed thus far, and have taken on new staff to supplement our excellent team.
The half way point in the year is a great time to pause, reassess your direction, make adjustments where necessary, and then forge ahead to year end, and the much needed break we all look forward to then. It was the perfect time then for LightSpeed’s annual team building retreat at the end of May.
Our team all work remotely so getting together to collaborate, strategise and socialise is a welcome occasion. We rented a house in Misty Cliffs, a small village on the Cape Peninsula for three days.

The days were spent mentoring each other, discussing a strategy for continuing to be profitable throughout 2018, and to set up a solid foundation for 2019.

The evenings were a relaxing opportunity to cook together and get to know each other a bit more.
The team’s energy has been renewed since our retreat, and we’ve achieved a high level of productivity as a result.
Look out for our end of year update!