LSX Theme 2.9.0 Release Notes

LSX Theme 2.9.0 Release Notes

LSX Theme 2.9.0 has been released.  The focus of this release has been to extend our third party plugin compatibility for ModernTribe Events Calendar and WooCommerce extensions.  Continue reading for a full list LSX Theme 2.9.0 release notes.

Please note that three page templates were retired from the LSX theme, if your site still relies on these templates you can install them to your child theme for continued use.

Additionally, several compatibility issues were solved, and block editor functionality continues to improve.

The theme has been tested with WordPress 5.5.

LSX Theme 2.9.0 release notes

– Improved styling for the Tribe Events Community Events forms.
– Added support for the Mix and Match WooCommerce plugin.
– Improved support for WooCommerce Wishlist plugin.
– Improved support for WooCommerce Quick View plugin.
– Block Theme Support updates.
– Added support for the How to and FAQ yoast blocks.
– Reducing the left and right Padding on LSX Buttons from 40px to 15px.
– Adding styles to make LSX compatible with Yoast SEO’s internal linking blocks.
– Adding the page template “Cover Template” and admin options for it.
– Adding support for New Block Tools on WordPress 5.5.
– Added support for native Lazy-loading images on WordPress 5.5 version.

– Fixed the compatibility with the LSX Blocks “disable title” functionality.
– Fixed the mobile widths.
– Archive blog spacing fixes.
– Improvements on the container block.
– Improvements on the image block.
– Fixed the search bar spacing issues.
– Fixed the margin issue when some titles are too long.

Page Templates
If your site still relies on these templates, then you can copy them into your child theme, and they will continue to function.
Front Page
No Sidebar
WC Thank You

LSX Extensions 

Several LSX Extensions have been updated and new releases tagged on Theme

LSX Blocks

Our page builder, LSX Blocks plugin, has been significantly updated to provide additional functionality and integration with other LSX extensions, and a new version tagged with LSX Theme 2.9.0. 

If you are using LSX Teams or LSX Testimonials, installing LSX Blocks will add a Team and Testimonial block, with all the options normally available when using a shortcode.

LSX Blocks 1.2.0 – Release notes

– Added more styling and better layout for the Accordion block.
– Reducing the left and right Padding on LSX Buttons from 40px to 15px.
– A lsx_blocks_latest_posts_carousel_meta to allow you to filter the meta.
– Adding compatibility with WordPress 5.5.

– Improvements on the container block.Improvements on the image block.
– Added more styling and better layout for the Accordion block.
– Allowing the Post Carousel to use a 1 column layout for the post carousel block.
– Changed the LSX Post Carousel “Carousel” to “Items per Slide”.

– Updating dependencies to prevent vulnerabilities.
– Updating PHPCS options for better code.
– General testing to ensure compatibility with latest WordPress version (5.5).
– General testing to ensure compatibility with latest LSX Theme version (2.9).

LSX Customiser

The following updates have been added to this release of LSX Customizer.

  • Added colour palette settings for default block editor colours.  This allows you to set your styling colours to appear as the first options in the block settings when building pages.

  • Merged WooCommerce customiser settings to one panel in the customiser that also incorporates the LSX WooCommerce options..  You can read more about this in the LSX Customizer documentation.

LSX Theme 2.9.0 release notes

Find out more about LSX Customizer on the LSX Product Site.

LSX Search has received a major update to include support for LSX Tour Operators plugin post types and taxonomies.  This means that Tour Operator Search is no longer required if you are using the Tour Operators plugin.

The settings have been moved to the WordPress Settings panel.  The plugin now has tabs to control settings for each post type separately.  If you are using WooCommerce on your site, then a Shop tab will be added.  Similarly for The Events Calendar, a course, venue and organiser tab will be added to LSX Search settings.

LSX Theme 2.9.0 release notes

You can download the LSX Search plugin from WordPress. Or install it from your WordPresss dashboard.  Follow our detailed documentation to help get you started.

LSX Blog Customiser

Blog Customiser theme options have been moved to the WordPress customiser. LSX theme is moving away from theme options and using the customiser more. This is a more intuitive user experience. The placeholder image has been renamed Fallback Image – this is the image that is used when no featured image is assigned to a post.

The settings for configuring banner and featured images on categories and tags have also been revised. See this screenshot to see the new settings page.

You can also set a banner title and tagline for categories and tags.

Read our documentation to find out more about how to configure this.

LSX Sharing

The LSX Sharing plugin has received the following updates:

  • Disable sharing per content type (blog, products, events, organisers, venues, pages, workouts, exercises, recipes, videos).
  • Disable sharing buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) per content type.
  • Ability to customise the label for the sharing buttons.

Download the LSX Sharing extension from WordPress

Read through our LSX Sharing documentation to get you started.

LSX Team

The LSX Team extension block has received some refinements from the first iteration. We’re very happy to report that the user experience is vastly improved.

Check out the demo on our LSX Demo site.

LSX Testimonials

LSX Testimonials block user experience has been improved. Head over to the LSX demo site to see a demo of the LSX Testimonials block.

LSX Videos

LSX Videos also recently received some attention, and now supports FacetWP and LSX Search for displaying archives and category pages with filters and search options. You can read about the initial improvements in our LSX 2.8 release post.

LSX Theme 2.9.0 release notes
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